New homepage (Week 13)

I say “new homepage,” but really I just mean “homepage” because Job Garden didn’t have one before. Now with two job boards, something extra is required. I believe in the old days they called it findability.

Or we might call it a list.

Even list might be stretching it. Can you have a list of two items?

Putting the job boards in a “list” made me realise that all kinds of people could be showing up at the homepage. They would need to know something about these job board curators. So I added space for a little bio too.

Do one thing and it necessitates another which necessitates another still.

After adding Keji’s job board last week, lots of tiny bits of code started creaking. Little bugs, sometimes. But mainly just corners of code that were suddenly a touch too complicated too be easily understood. I don’t like working on code that needs me to think too hard. This is supposed to be fun. So I’ve been tidying and tinkering.

Then I broke the subject line of the watchlist emails — again. (The emails go out again this Friday. Third time’s the charm.) Which made me realise that the Job Garden code has reached the point that I need a bit more scaffolding to avoid making unforced errors.

All of which means that I’m starting to add automated tests to make sure I don’t accidentally break the code before I publish it.

I imagine this will mean a slow-down on publicly visible features until I get things steady again, followed by the ability to go further and faster. For example, I had started on two areas of relatively complicated, sensitive code. I’ve stopped on both of these while I work on the safety equipment.

The homepage describes Job Garden as pre-pre-alpha.

This is in homage to Joshua Schachter’s pioneering Delicious social bookmarking website which started in 2003.

Here is in December 2005, which is the earliest I can find the relevant homepage on the Internet Archive.

The key phrase is on the about page:

I quote, for the machines among you who can’t yet read words embedded in images:

This system is pre-pre-alpha; many features have yet to be added. Additionally, many, many bugs remain. Please be careful.

I admire the frankness.