The number of job boards has doubled! Meaning, there are now two of us (Week 12)

Matt Webb
Matt Webb
Jun 26, 2018 · 3 min read
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Hey, big moment today! Say hello to . The very first person (who is not me) to have their own Job Garden job board.

Keji is head of founder network at , one of London’s vibrant community of early stage investors. I first met them years ago when they were setting up shop in east London, slumming it with us startups which at the time was rare for a VC. The only other ones I knew had intimidating (and slightly alien) offices miles away in the fancy bits of town. Connect is super founder friendly.

Connect’s portfolio includes London rocketships , , and . So those are the companies on Keji’s job board, syncing automatically with their careers pages, part of a group of 16 in total. (There are 83 open roles right now.)

You can today (hit the button under her name), and receive new jobs at Connect portfolio startups direct to your inbox once per week.

And if you follow , you’ll see the weekly Job Garden go out too.

For comparison,

Connect’s portfolio numbers 31 startups. Of those, five aren’t hiring right now. So that still leaves 10 for me to add integrations for.

Working with Keji is also showing me other gaps in Job Garden.

Like the site needs a front page: there are two of us with job boards now. That means navigation!

Oh and the “create a watchlist” pages area bit wonky, so that needs fixing. And Keji’s companies tend to be hiring more than the ones I currently endorse, so there’s more volume, which means I’m going to need to add filtering sooner than I thought. Etc, etc. I think I broke the promo tweets. Tons to do. Too much to do!

A good problem to have.

I love this moment. As soon as someone else is using the site, I get to see it through their eyes. I can start seeing what features are really needed, rather than building against my unquestioned assumptions a.k.a. guessing. Keji will be giving me feedback as things develop, and I really appreciate that she’s prepared to tolerate this slightly shonky, rough around the edges, beta (alpha!) product.

What else has been happening?

  • The email watchlist button, , has moved from the right-hand column to under the job board owner’s name. Visual grouping makes its functionality more obvious, and the new placement pushes it from the bottom to the top of the screen when you’re browsing on mobile.
  • Number of hiring page systems supported by the Job Garden sync code, this week: 9. (Up from 7 in .)
  • I wrote the code to send watchlist emails. Yes, I know it’s bit odd to launch a feature without writing the code that actually makes it work, but I didn’t know if anyone would sign up. I try not to code anything until I have to, because the longer you wait, the more opportunity you have to gather information about what you genuinely need to do.

Ok I need to fix some bugs. Bye.

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