The time and the place (Week 2)

New feature this week: the listings now show the date the job was originally advertised, and also the city. Check it out.

Recently posted jobs are at the top. This makes it easier for site visitors to scan for changes.

Because I’m involved in startups that are based in London, almost all of the jobs are in London. You can see the odd New York and Dubai popping up.

I’m secretly delighted with the NEW badge. I’m not sure how many other people will recognise it? My contemporaries will, but for everyone else…

Back in the day, before search engines, Yahoo! kept a directory of all the best sites on the web. Insane. This is like 1995. Here’s what Yahoo! looked like then:

The NEW badge was bright yellow and really pixellated.

It turns out that today’s web browsers don’t expect you to use pixel graphics. They try to smooth out the image. I had to put in some special code to get the NEW badge to appear just right. I hope you appreciate it.

p.s. As of right now, my personal job board has synced 27 open jobs at 8 companies.