Welcome Downing Ventures! (Week 26)

Downing Ventures’ new job board

This is a neat story: Michael from Downing Ventures got in touch a few weeks back about Job Garden. Downing Ventures is a UK-based early stage fund, seed to series A, and I’d heard good things via my friends at Flock.

(Flock does pay-as-you-fly drone insurance with some magic underlying tech. They have Downing as an investor, and I’m also invested in them via the accelerators I ran with R/GA Ventures.)

Anyway! I met with Michael and his colleague Sophie, great people, and really on the hunt for ways they can help their portfolio companies, of which there are now thirty, which is why they reached out.

Long story short, Downing Ventures now has its entire startup portfolio on Job Garden :) Check it out.

Fact box! There are 108 open roles across 30 startups on Downing Ventures’ job board. 24 startups are currently hiring. 35 of these positions are in London.

The two companies with the most open roles are BookingBug with 14 (appointments software for retail and more) and Craft with 12 (company intelligence data).

One companies that caught my eye: Open Bionics is hiring. They make the world’s first medically certified, 3D-printed bionic arm.

One of the things that came out of the conversation with Sophie and Michael was that I now have a new appreciation of the data possibilities of having all this job information in the same place. What can I help Downing Ventures learn by looking at the hiring needs of their portfolio?

So this is a neat way to bring up Week 26 and a whole half year of tinkering with Job Garden: you can now see jobs at the entire portfolios of three London VCs: Downing Ventures, C4V (see Week 25), and Connect Ventures (see Week 21).

Not only does each have its own aggregated job board, they also get to use the distribution tools that Job Garden provides to help get the word out about open roles: automated tweeting and opt-in email digests for users.

Three’s a pattern, perhaps.