How to search for (the right) jobs

The key stone of finding anything is to know how to search for it. That applies for jobs as well.

Finding the right job

To find what you’re looking for, including the right job, you need to figure out first:

What am I looking for?

Be as specific as possible in terms of what kind of job you are looking for. You can totally aim high and dream big but don’t forget to keep your feet on the ground. Your qualification should match the job you aim to apply for.

To find out what kind of a job you actually want, you can ask yourself these questions:

What qualities should the job have? For what company would I like to work? Where do I want to work? (Not only country wise but also in regard to the working environment.) What working hours would I prefer?

Where and how to look for it?

Do brainstorming: How many resources are there to look for jobs?

Majority of positions are posted and searched for online. The relevant resources are not only websites but increasingly social media. That’s why it’s important to nail the online search.


Use key words and hashtags.

There is not only Google but it’s the best one.

Follow companies and organisations you’re interested in to see their available vacancies.

What have I found?

It’s important to analyse, organise and evaluate what you have found because that’s how you can understand it and decide whether it’s worth your time to apply.

Don’t waste your time applying mindlessly for anything. It might seem easier at first because you will not go through hassle of actually reading and thinking about what you have found. Which can be a painful process since it requires self-reflection. But do you really want to end up doing a job that is not for you? That doesn’t match your competences and needs?

Understanding a job ad/posting

To understand a job ad or posting that you have found is to analyse and evaluate it. First, READ what the job ad. Then, THINK about it. You can use this handy framework.

R — relevance

Is the vacancy relevant for you? Will it fulfil your need and match your skills?

A- accuracy

How accurate is the job description? Is it vague or pretty descriptive? Can you imagine what you’ll be doing? Is it without mistakes?
Answers to all these questions tell a lot about your future employer and job.

A — audience

Check one more time if the job is really for you. The job ad might be catchy at first but upon reading it, you can find out there is a catch to it like a small salary or something else. Or that it is actually for someone much more/less experienced than you are.

A — authority

Is it a vacancy at an organisation or a company that you want to work for? Do they convey values that you believe in too?

T- timeliness

Always check the deadlines. It sucks real hard to miss an amazing opportunity just because you forgot about the deadline.

O — objectivity

When job hunting, you will be often put off by some of what feels like ridiculous requirements that you can never deliver. What employers describe in the job ads is an ideal candidate. However, there will (almost) never be an ideal candidate. And they are aware of it. So don’t give up!

Go through the requirements that you feel like you can’t match and evaluate which of them are objectively necessary for the job and which of them are not. Do you think that what they require and you don’t have is essential for doing the job right? Can you not learn it quickly? That means it’s better to let this pass and search for something else.

Of course, the evaluation and the whole process of job hunting is always going to be subjective. But that’s perfectly alright because it’s you who matters! Just remember not to over or under-rate yourself. Keep a healthy attitude, be humble but don’t ever think that you don’t have what it takes. And most importantly, if you find a dream job, forget all of this and go for it!

And if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, keep searching.

We are sure you will find and get the right job just for you!