Once upon a time there was an uniquely sunny and hot week in May in Budapest. Two people who hadn’t known each other before came to the capital of Hungary at the time to discover themselves and the Visegrad four. They met and made friends. And one warm night, while casually floating in the healing waters of Széchenyi thermal spa, an idea was born…

The idea was to organize a training course for youth workers and leaders who were from or active in the Visegrad countries and were interested in job hunting within the context of international development. The idea was transformed into action and an Erasmus plus project was started. It was named Job Hunting DIY — employability and communication skills.

Two years passed from the day of conception to the day of birth. The project’s baby, the training course Job Hunting DIY, was finally born in the spring of 2016 in a small town with a castle where a princess might or might not have lived.

As the world’s turning strangely, the baby is now almost a full grown up. It’s time for the parents to let go. But before they do, they want to tell everyone about this baby and share the best of what this baby has brought to the world. That’s why they wrote this guide.

Here you will find (almost) everything essential you need to know about the art of job hunting. How to set a goal, how to always find the way back to your learning path, how to use communication and what the necessary employability skills are to catch the best game. You won’t get lost in the woods with our guide!

PS. Written by (in alphabetical order) Helena Hajkova, Gergely Kiss, Stepanka Pechackova, and Lucie Vokrouhlikova.
This guide was created as a result of the training course “Job Hunting DIY — employability and communication skills”, funded by the Erasmus plus programme.
Copyright: Some rights reserved. You can use the guide for non-commercial purposes only, with an attribution to its authors and without any changes.