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Diego in a central hallway of Digit’s HQ, located in San Francisco’s Financial District (photo provided by Digit).

AI Leader Diego Represas on What’s Different About Digit

For those who aren’t familiar, what does Digit do?

Evidence of a recent brainstorming session.

Why did you join the team?

Above left: Diego and Product Manager Samar Shah in an interview debrief (photo provided by Digit). Above right, below left: Framed, hand-drawn images of Digit’s friendly logo hang in the hallway. Below right: New hires Matthew Perez (left) and June Garzaniti (right) look on as Customer Support Manager Kelly Yuen shows them the ropes of Digit’s workflow.

What sets Digit apart from other fintech companies?

“We made a conscious decision that we are not interested in profiting from inefficiencies in the financial system at the expense of our members.”

Mentorship plays a big role at Digit. Left: New hire Mukama Madoshi (left) shadows Support Operations Specialist Jack Pendergrass (right) after an onboarding meeting. Right: Diego and Data Scientist Adhitya Venkatesh collaborate in Digit’s Data Science area, known as “ A.I.sland” (photo provided by Digit).
Left: Three members of the Marketing team make use of Digit’s standing desks. Right: Head of People Carolyn Satenberg leads an executive meeting.
Left: Satenberg and Head of Product Marketing Aleesha Patel in a meeting about how to best tell Digit’s story to customers and candidates alike. Right: Customer Support Hero Will Murphy (foreground) and Customer Support Manager Winnie Mulumba (background) work in what team members call The Library, the office’s quietest and coziest area.

Give us an example of those technical challenges.

“We’re pursuing some of the most cutting-edge technology and research and applying it to our problems.”

Left: Software Engineer Nobel Yoo deep in focus on A.I.sland. Right: A hard-won trophy from “Camp Digit,” the company’s annual overnight retreat where the team disconnects from work and decompresses together through summer camp activities like volleyball, karaoke, and campfire s’mores.
Above: CEO and Founder Ethan Bloch (far left) meets with Product Managers Michael Halvorson (second from left), Samar Shah (center), Eric Brownrout (second from right), and Jenny Song (far right) to discuss Digit’s feature roadmap in one of the company’s light-filled conference rooms.
Left: Each conference room at Digit is named after intelligent AI. Diego takes a call in “Clippy” (photo provided by Digit). Right: Data Engineer Elizabeth Yang (right) chats with Machine Learning Engineer Colin Putney (left).

What about the next phase, decision-making? Tell us about the challenges there.

“Planning and managing a real-world budget to achieve long-term objectives fits within what is commonly known as the reinforcement learning problem, which is an area of ML most engineering teams don’t get to tackle.”

Professional collaboration fosters genuine friendships at Digit. Clockwise from top left: Growth Marketing Manager Ed Lee (left) and Software Engineer Elaine Lin (right) play an intense round of Saboteur between bites at lunch; Business Development Lead Snigdha Kumar (center) enjoys a hearty plate of greens alongside her cohorts, Product Analyst Ryan Atkinson (far left) and Finance & Strategy Associate Paul Rowlinson (second from left); Associate Support Hero — yes, that’s her real title! — Regunique Jenkins grabs some lunch, which is catered 5 days a week; we love a good sock game.

You’ve spent the last four years of your career at Digit. What do you think the next four years look like for you?

Digit is hiring. Come join the team!

Your moment of Zen: Support Operations Specialist Monique Nguyen (left) and Creative Producer Megan Teves (center) say hi to People Generalist Jamie Quilon (right), with Digit’s 20th-floor view behind them (swoon).



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