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Photo provided by Standard Cognition.

Two Standard Cognition Founders on Changing the Face of Retail — And Reclaiming Humanity’s Most Precious Resource

First, give us your vision for the future. How will the world be different if Standard Cognition succeeds?

Co-founders Jordan Fisher (CEO) and Michael Suswal (COO). All photos provided by Standard Cognition.
Above left: Standard Cognition team members and their families enjoying some San Francisco sun during last year’s summer picnic. Above right: From left to right: Ricketta Carson (Standard Store Manager), Rebekah Huggins (Data Implementation Lead ), Rob Ferguson (VP, Engineering), and Kylin Ellison (Technical Recruiting Manager) representing Standard Cognition at AfroTech 2019.
Above left: Chintan Maniar (left, Head of Retail Experience) and Evan Shiue (right, VP, Strategy & Finance) at a baby shower celebrating their newest family members. Above right: Located in a restored historic building in SoMa, Standard Cognition’s San Francisco office offers lots of light-filled space to gather. From the People Team: “We eat together as a reminder to everyone that taking breaks and knowing your peers is just as important as the work you do every day.”
Above left: San Francisco team members at an impromptu happy hour — a common employee-driven effort. Above right: From left to right: Ricketta Carson (Standard Store Manager), Mike Lee (Technical Program Manager), Yvonne Ho (Office Manager & Executive Assistant), and Wasif Islam (Research Engineer) enjoying a Lunch Roulette — a company initiative intended to help employees build relationships with folks they may not work with on a daily basis. Every month, Standard employees are randomly sorted into small groups to share a company-sponsored lunch outing. With Lunch Roulettes currently paused due to Covid-19, the company now uses Donut to facilitate virtual coffees.

How did you and your co-founders decide on this product?

Tell us about the challenges your team is working on.

“We’re productionizing computer vision in the real world more than anyone else has, so there isn’t a playbook for everything yet. It’s still kind of the wild west — we’re defining best practices for a new industry.” — Jordan

Above left: The San Francisco office does Halloween 2019. Above right: People Team members show their magical unicorn colors, accompanied by the most magical creature of all — Nala, fur baby of Alex Lebovic (kneeling, VP, People). The SF office is not currently pet-friendly, but Nala got to break the rules for the Halloween costume contest. Shh!
Above left: Data Operations team members showing off new company jackets in the SF office. Above right: Holiday 2019 cheer from the SF fam and their families.
Above left: Tokyo team members enjoying a company picnic, a tradition celebrated by all regions. Above right: Standard Cognition’s newest team members in Milan, where the company recently acquired Checkout Technologies — a startup developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for frictionless retail checkout.

How do you think about the ethics of computer vision?

“The only thing our system cares about is whether it scans a product or not. It’s actually much more neutral than a human.” — Jordan

Amazon recently licensed its Go technology. How will Standard Cognition compete?

What are you excited about in the years ahead?

Interested in joining the team at Standard Cognition?

Your moment of Zen: The 2019 San Francisco family picnic. Remember picnics?



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