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(Illustration provided by URx)

URx Founder Wahab Owolabi on the Importance of Inclusive Internships, and How Companies — and Employees — Can Support Students This Summer

For those who don’t know, what is URx?

URx Founder Wahab Owolabi (second from right), on a panel at URx’s 2019 conference. (All photos in this piece provided by URx)

What does the “UR” in URx stand for?

“We’re seeing recruiters from companies that typically compete for talent and market share build bridges through collaboration and resource sharing — which is great.”

Above and below: Moments from recent URx conferences.

What inspired you to start URx?

“It always felt inherently unfair to me that there were these brilliant, hardworking students whose lives could be forever changed for the better, but they didn’t even know the opportunity existed. They didn’t have a choice.”

How is URx rising to the challenge of COVID-19’s impact on recruiting and internships?

Previous URx roundtables in San Francisco (left) and New York City (right).
Memories from a URx roundtable in NYC. We miss hugs.

What’s top of mind for you, especially with regards to internships?

What does participation in InternHacks look like for companies?

How will companies benefit from participating in InternHacks?

“For companies that already have [an internship] program, it’s an opportunity to connect with a wider group of students, especially those who might otherwise have limited access to internships.”

To learn more, get in touch.

Video recap of URx’s 2019 conference, which was held in San Francisco.



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