How an iGaming company in Tallinn hired a Programmatic Coordinator from Sao Paulo

Discover how Global Gaming, a young and energetic iGaming company in Tallinn hired and relocated a Programmatic Coordinator whiz all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Jun 19, 2018 · 5 min read
Denise (in the center) and her colleagues at the Tallinn Rat Race 2018 charity event.

Location: Tallinn

Positions Hired: Programmatic Coordinator

Who was hired: Denise as a Programmatic Coordinator from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Tallinn, Estonia.

Global Gaming is a growing gaming company with a strong foothold in the Nordic region. You might be familiar with some of the sites they run, which include Netti Casino, Koti Kasino and Viking Slots as well as the golden child Ninja Casino and the new kid on the block, SpelLandet.

The Global Gaming Group currently employs staff at three main locations in Malmö, Tallinn and Malta, but in this case, they were looking to add another colleague to their marketing department in Estonia.

This new role was for a Programmatic Coordinator, someone who could coordinate and optimize Global Gaming’s marketing activities with third-party display performance partners.

The main responsibility of this new hire would be working with both acquisition and retention activities for Global Gaming’s Nordic-focussed online casino brands, including the innovative, award-winning Ninja Casino.

The position would require daily cooperation and coordination with everyone in the marketing department, including creating and updating programmatic and remarketing display material, testing new segments and messaging, optimising display media spend and more.

For this, they were looking for someone from a digital marketing background, who loved to analyse numbers and results independently and was excited about finding opportunities to improve performance, which they would then implement.

Why did Global Gaming need a Programmatic Coordinator?

The role was previously covered by external providers without a single point of contact in-house. This meant that internal resources had to be committed to plan and monitor their work and provide guidance.

As Global Gaming had reached a certain size, it made a lot of sense to add a specialist position to cooperate with the external partners, as well as increase the quality and efficiency of their operations. Hence the decision to hire direct.

Moving from Sao Paulo to Tallinn

At the time of her recruitment, Denise was employed as Paid Media Coordinator for a large, multinational corporation in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She had been working in Digital Marketing for 12 years and Media Buying for 7 years.

Whilst she enjoyed her job very much, she was also keeping an eye out for new opportunities, especially in a context that could redress her work-life balance.

The first contact with Jobbatical

Denise had been looking for new professional experience and an opportunity to work abroad, so she had created a profile on Jobbatical a while ago. She reckons she must have seen an ad and just followed the link to their website — one of those spur of the moment things that you do and then forget about.

Next thing she knew, one year had gone by and when she logged in, she immediately found two interesting opportunities in her inbox, one of which was the Global Gaming job.

“Jobbatical is a very modern site and only present interesting, relevant positions to the potential candidates”, Denise says.

One of the elements that piqued her interest in the ad was that it promised visa application support (not usually a straightforward affair for non-EU citizens). Other aspects, like the nature of the job itself, the appeal of the gaming industry and the interest she had developed in Estonia since first seeing the ad all played a part in her decision to apply. Nevertheless, she admits she might not have considered it, had it not been for the prospect of visa application support.

First impressions of Global Gaming and the recruitment process

Denise was rather impressed with the speed and efficiency of the recruitment process: Within a few weeks of her application, she was invited to an online test and interview, swiftly followed by another interview. In the space of a couple of months, she had a firm job offer.

Besides the effectiveness of it all, Denise was further convinced by the international orientation of Global Gaming and the fact that it is getting to be a sizable organisation but still operates like a startup, with all the flexibility, creativity and opportunities this entails for its employees.

How did Jobbatical play a part in the recruitment? Of their involvement in the recruitment process, Denise says “They were so good, I hardly noticed they were there at all.”

A few months into her new job

Both the country and Global Gaming have proven to be every bit what Denise had expected during the recruitment process.

At work, she enjoys the autonomy and the fact that she is treated as a professional and encouraged to generate ideas and see them through to completion.

She has found a home in Global Gaming, and is motivated by the feeling that employees are cared for and valued as individuals and that they have the opportunity to grow professionally as the company grows.

But on top of that, she loves life in Tallinn as an expat. Especially the fantastic Estonian work-life balance and the healthy lifestyle: “It’s a small, clean country with virtually no pollution issues and an excellent system of public transport so people are actually encouraged to leave cars at home!”

Were Denise and Jobbatical the right choice?

Morten Madsen, CMO at Global Gaming and Denise’s manager has absolutely no doubt about it.

“We have brought that much needed set of skills into the organisation and have achieved far higher quality and efficiency. Planning is now a great deal more straightforward and we don’t have to worry about alignment with the overall organisational needs.”

When asked about whether working with Jobbatical to find, qualify and relocate Denise was a good choice, Morten had no hesitations: “That is another yes. We like their global reach, reasonable pricing and the fact that they assist with the intricacies of the visa application process, thus taking that considerable administrative load off our HR team.”

“Also, we are an international organisation that operates in multiple markets. We just want the best people and are not afraid to look globally to make sure we reach them.”

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Jobbatical Blog

Jobbatical connects globally-minded companies with a community of ready-to-relocate business, technology, and creative professionals. Follow our blog to learn about attracting talent, hiring internationally, moving around the world, and finding work abroad.

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