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Our top 6 job search tips for fresh graduates

Searching for a job can be a fulltime job and can be quite disheartening considering the ratio of open jobs to a number of jobseekers in whichever country you’re in. Nonetheless, there are a few tactics you can employ(pun intended) to increase your chances of landing the right job for yourself. Here are our top 6 ways of how you can cast a wider net;

  1. Use more than one job board.

Do not rely entirely on just one job board to search for jobs. Some jobs may be listed on some sites but not on others. Companies as well may have their preferred job sites that are working for them. Using tools like Google Jobs can work for you since they aggregate job ads from various sources. If not Google, observe which sites have the most regularly updated list of verified jobs and stick to them.

2. Utilise social media well

The average person spends more than 4 hours a day on social media. You can transform this to favour you by using social media to get new contacts that could help you get connected to your next job or employer. Social media can also help you stand out in a less crowded space as we discussed here. You just never know who’s listening or reading.

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3. Go beyond job boards

Like we mentioned in our earlier post on hiring technical talent, recruiters can opt for more targeted mediums such as a tech newsletter for tech jobs. So by limiting yourself to just job boards, you could be missing out on some good opportunities. For more on this, check out our earlier post on what you can still do while job searching.

4. Network

Being a keyboard expert will only take you so far. Google, for instance, receives over 50,000 resumes a week so your chances of someone even looking at your resume can be minimal. Recruiters also admit that they don’t post/advertise all job openings through job boards. Some opt for referrals which have proven to be the most efficient way to hire. Opportunities are connected to people. Carefully consider the network you have and the kind of value they provide to your professional career. Take the necessary steps to build the one you wish you had. Your network is your net worth. Check our earlier post on this for more tips on networking.

5.Expand your search criteria

The 21st century has brought with it new job titles and descriptions. Instead of just searching for your new opportunity with search item ‘sales executive’ for instance, widen your search by just checking the latest jobs overall in your area or check the career page of the company you’re dreaming about. You may just find your dream job but with a different title.

6. The unsolicited job application

I got my first job after campus through unsolicited emails. Instead of waiting for a role to open up, some companies through their career pages, allow candidates to submit their CVs for future consideration. If you have an email address or physical address of an employer, sending your resume & cover letter expressing your interest can work for you. While for some employers never look at these, some do. Here are sample emails you can use to reach out to a network or potential employer. Also, check out our latest piece on “The dos and dont’s of your job application email.” And while at it, do feel free to use this last bonus resource too;

  • Bonus- Recruitment consultants & agencies

Recruiting agencies have access to hundreds of companies and jobs from employers hiring through job boards to those opting entirely to hire through agencies especially for entry-level roles or for efficiency sake. Remember that all the open opportunities are not directly advertised on job boards so by keeping in touch with these agencies & sharing your updated resume every year, you stand a higher chance of landing a new job. Reach out to them by conducting an online search of the agencies available in your area. Be on the lookout for consultants who may be specialising in your specific profession or industry too. Use social platforms like LinkedIn to identify and network and let them know you’re open for employment and are available for suitable roles. Some agencies may charge you for such matching services but beware of fake ones too!

Are there any tactics you’ve used to get your dream job that you wish to share with others? Let us know below. All the best.

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