We are a small design team with large ambitions. We work closely with engineers, product managers, product scientists, and support. We make pixels and prototypes, but first and foremost, we research, and we think, and we write. We’re never happy with what’s out there, and we know how to channel this energy into something positive.

We tackle many challenges, from tactical typography to years-ahead ideas of how Medium should evolve. What’s the right balance between self-expression and design consistency? How do we walk the line between “perfectly crafted” and “today, in the hands of our users”? How do we build a platform that accommodates various ways of writing, reading, and interacting, and do so with mindfulness, empathy, and style? Oh, by the way, all that just on a regular Monday.

Meet some of us

☯ Brad Artziniega ☯ often works on the hairy, tough interaction systems. If you ever highlighted anything on Medium, or had a conversation here, you’ve seen Brad’s designs in place. Before joining Medium, Brad was at IDEO where he lead projects at the intersection of hardware and software. Outside of work, he’s usually living the dream with his wife and dog, surfing, hiking, or just watering the veggies.

Paige Bennett loves to meet Medium’s users and find out what makes them tick. Her days are spent diving into research that can help Medium meet their needs and goals. Paige got her start as a TV news journalist before traveling the world doing ethnographic research. In her off time, she loves to visit Sonoma, make furniture with her husband, and think about where to travel next.

Peter Cho works on making Medium an even more empowering and delightful place for creators to share ideas. Before Medium, he worked as head of UX for Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone and led the design team at Inkling for five years. In a past life, he experimented with code and type. He also made zines on his Mac Plus and ImageWriter II as a kid, so you could say he’s had a lifelong interest in digital publishing.

Sasha Lubomirsky thinks a lot about users: what their needs are, and what awesome experiences might be dreamt up to support them. She’s helped the team understand how people read, which informed the iOS app. Before Medium, Sasha worked at Airbnb, Android, and YouTube, where she helped establish design research as a discipline. Not coincidentally, Sasha loves writing, travel, her phone, and pugs (or at least videos thereof).

Tess Rothstein has one mission: to understand and advocate for Medium’s users. She sees the heroism of thoughtful online expression and works to make Medium second-nature, enriching, and empowering. Tess’ prior feats include consulting projects for tech giants and healthcare non-profits. She likes dancing to the thunder of her own drum, meeting strangers, and asking “Why?” in different languages.

Open Positions

Senior Product Designer, San Francisco

Brand/Marketing Designer, San Francisco

Lead Design Researcher, San Francisco