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  • Tahir Ferli

    Tahir Ferli

  • Rimsha Khan

    Rimsha Khan

    on my way to learning some thing new.Any type of feedback is welcomed

  • Kasturi Goswami

    Kasturi Goswami

    Writer| Mechanical Engineer| Content Creator at Colourful in Grey| Writing expresses my inner embedded code. It is a portrait of words spun with ink.

  • Jennifer Grow

    Jennifer Grow

    Compulsive reader. Overthinker. Mom of three. Editor. Writer. Documenting living in a COVID-19 world.

  • Elsa Ho

    Elsa Ho

    Research Lead@DoorDash. Ex-Facebook, Uber, Microsoft, and strategy consulting. San Francisco based. Worked in Tokyo, Singapore, Seattle, Taipei, and Shanghai.

  • Ajay Vishwanathan

    Ajay Vishwanathan

    SWE @Synopsys Inc (Formerly Black Duck Software) Machine Learning Student Football (aka Soccer) Fan Long-time Manchester United Supporter

  • Hope Reed

    Hope Reed

    From South Alabama with experience working in real estate and beach vacation rentals since 2003. Married 18 years and have 1 son ADVICE:Live fullyLaugh often

  • Jeofrey Ogire

    Jeofrey Ogire

    Internet Entrepreneur, Teacher and, Writer— Single and ain't searching[a rat cleverly rotating about its trap.]

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