Hello, my name is Miles!

And I’m an Engineer at Medium.

Miles is an Engineer on our Disco-Distro (Discovery-Distribution) team. They’re responsible for writing the recommendations engine of the site and figuring out how to get our fantastic stories to the readers who would be most interested in them.

How long have you been at Medium?

I’ve been at Medium for just over a year.

Why did you join Medium?

I’m super passionate about the power of writing. I was head of the sports section at my college newspaper, and I realized not only how much I love writing but how great it felt to reach a wide audience with my pieces. Getting to work on a platform that not only has an incredible editor but also elevates diverse voices around the world was a chance I couldn’t pass up.

What is your favorite part about working for Medium?

The wide-reaching impact. One of the coolest parts about being a small company with huge impact is that it’s possible to ship products quickly, gather loads of insights because your product is used by so many users, and make decisions about how to move forward. As an example, my most recent work has been around Medium’s Daily Digest, which gets sent to around 4 million users per day.

What does your collaboration with Product/Design look like?

We’ll work with Product to figure out what are the big tasks we’re trying to tackle, and which ones feel the most feasible in the time frame we have to work with. Once a member of our Product team comes up with a spec for a new feature/product, I’ll have chances to comment on what’s technically feasible, and what parts we’re able to accomplish in the time we have to work with. My work with Design is pretty similar: the Design team will come up with some mocks, we’ll work with Design to figure out what’s feasible and how long the different parts will take to get done. One of my favorite parts of working with Design has been hopping into the user research session that members of our Design team have conducted, and getting to know more about the habits of Medium users.

What is your favorite Medium story and why?

This story in the Eidolon publication is a fantastic read. I’ve always loved learning about Roman and Ancient Greek language and culture (I was a Classics minor in college), and reading Helen’s piece about the struggles and doubts of being a person of color in a predominantly white field really resonates with me.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself since joining Medium?

I’ve learned how much I love to make pies! We had a pie making tutorial in the office last November, and since then I’ve been making them almost nonstop. Everyone at Medium has also been super helpful in trying my pies and giving feedback.