Hello, my name is Sarah!

And I’m a Senior Editor at Medium.

Sarah is the Senior Editor for Books. She focuses on on commissioning and editing book excerpts and original articles by book authors for our platform.

How long have you been at Medium?

I’ve been at Medium since May 2018.

Why did you join Medium?

I joined Medium for two main reasons: one, to work on the kind of thoughtful stories that readers can’t stop thinking about, the kind they bring up at a cocktail party saying, ‘Hey, I read this fascinating story this week about…’ And two, I was just so excited to join a company that is tackling the challenges of the media industry head on, taking risks and rethinking the model.

What’s your favorite thing about working for Medium?

I love the amount of care that goes into our decision-making, and yet the spirit of experimentation and joie de vivre that goes along with our hard work.

What’s your favorite Medium story and why?

Is it cheating to pick one I edited? I am proud and fond of this story about the capitalist history of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, an excerpt from the book The Personality Brokers. It both made me believe that the MBTI is total sham science — and made me want to go out and get myself professionally typed. I love stories that provoke contradictory responses.

What is something that you have learned about yourself since joining Medium?

I have learned how much I thrive in collaborative workplaces with constant, constructive feedback.