Brand partnerships

Our brand partnerships team works with world-class companies to help them make the most of Medium. Bringing together a diversity of talents and a richness of experience that spans both new and old media, our team is made up of salespeople, account managers, and creative strategists. Our days are spent working with brands to optimize their messaging, partnering with Medium influencers to execute high-impact campaigns, connecting companies with the right audience, and thinking about how to measure success in a world of clickbait and fleeting attention spans. Most importantly, we’re motivated by a common passion for a new kind of advertising — one that’s centered on true engagement, deep interaction, and authentic storytelling.

Publisher development

Medium provides a level playing field for the world’s best publishers, offering superior tools, technology, and revenue streams in a fully-networked environment that fosters deeper discourse and engagement. A diverse team of creators, journalists, and businesspeople partners with publishers to help them make their home on Medium and access all of the benefits of the network. We are a mission-driven team of doers, united by our passion for professional content and our belief in the need for sustainable business models to support its creation.

Meet some of us

Open Positions

We aren’t actively hiring for this team right now, but perhaps you know something we don’t? You can get in touch:

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