5 Git(Ops) Practices at Jodel

Mohammad-Ali A'RÂBI
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4 min readOct 6, 2022


Git is probably the most popular tool among developers. 93% of the Stack Overflow survey attendants stated that they use git. No other tool has that high share of usage among the community. But this tool is so flexible and deep, that almost everyone uses it differently.

In this piece, we’re going to describe 5 git practices that we adopted at Jodel. In short:

  • Lint with a Git Hook
  • CI Pipelines
  • Auto-Assign Author to the PR
  • Squash and Merge
  • Deploy Upon Merge

Lint with a Git Hook

Linting is enforcing some predefined rules to the written code. These rules can be:

  • Code formatting rules, e.g. always use single quotes in JS code,
  • Or restrictions in the practices, e.g. no usage of null in JS code.

Usually, most of the rules fall under the first category and have auto-fixers. The linting tool can fix the issues for us automatically. The reason we enforce these rules is that we want to focus on the logic in the code rather than its format. Adhering to the formatting rules, when there is a new pull request, we know all of the changes are in the logic, and there is no noise.

Enforce Linting



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