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A contest!

OK, yes, this is a gimmicky way of trying to get a few more followers here at the Joe Peppy Tony Baseball Roundup. But it’s also a contest. Fun!

Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Follow Joe Blogs. I think there’s a button on the right.

Step 2: In 20 words or less, in the comments, write something about baseball. Anything. Could be a poem. A Haiku. A sentence about your Mom playing catch with you. Anything. Only thing is it must be 20 words or less. If it’s 21 words, sorry, it ain’t winning anything.

Wait, did I say winning?

Yes, there are actual prizes here. The other day, my delightful wife Margo went into the attic to clean things out because she likes to do that sort of thing every now and again. And she found a treasure trove of STUFF. Baseball cards. Football cards. Magazines. Knick knacks.

Like this weird “New York Yankees from the 1960s” set:

Or this itty-bitty Dee Gordon card (Cameron Maybin card not included):

Or … yikes:

In any case, we’ll give the top entries — based on creativity, pure luck and mostly brevity — some stuff from the attic haul.* And really, what more could anyone want?

*Stuff will be chosen by the contest head, probably at random, and there will be no exchanges, refunds or complaining.



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