Losing Your Work

I spent an hour today writing a nice little feature on coming up with ideas. Instead the writing gods decided to curse me. A perfectly terrible combination of poor web design and my inability to properly copy my work lead me to lose 500 words (and hey they were pretty good to be honest). So here I am, grumpy and wordless.

This is a good time then to remind everyone and myself about some of the cardinal rules of writing things.

  • Never write in a browser window. Write in a word processor then copy and paste. Some websites are fine and save often but others *glares intently at my current web host* don’t function very well in that regard.
  • Save drafts, every draft, always. Turn on autosaves if that is an option. You have absolutely nothing to lose and it takes you like 30 seconds.
  • Save in multiple places. I have irretrievably lost work due to errant laptops and forgetting to back things up.

Now excuse me while I go and plot my revenge.

This post originally appeared on my website.

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