Things are finally starting to settle down. For the first time in a long time, I am once again building habits and establishing a routine. The constant movement and lack of stability are exciting but tiresome. I really learned to miss and appreciate the mundane and simple practices of everyday life.

There is safety and comfort in stability. What some may perceive as boredom is really a privilege. I’m married now, I have a home, I’m back in class, and I know what I’m doing. I know just how lucky I am and I am incredibly grateful for all of these thing.

That of course is not to say that I have not enjoyed the adventure life has taken me on since the year began. I traveled back and forth from one side of the world to the other. On these journeys I found a lot of interesting things, I met wonderful people, and I learned more about myself and my place in the world.

All of it was an invaluable experience. But now I am ready to settle down and rest my weary and well traveled soul. The normalcy of life has been waiting here for me and I am here to embrace it.