After reading one blog titled “The Tesla Way of Making a Great Product”, I became intrigued with the outlook of Tesla. I have always been interested in the company, and Elon Musk, because of their innovation to the world and his intelligence. In the article they say how Tesla is trying to make every consumable product run by electric. With their electric cars already in use, they are working to make entire households run by electric as well. The Blog goes on to say how Tesla plans to make roof tiles all solar and much more efficient than ones currently used. They go into great detail about how consumers think as well, even bringing up Apple, and how they generate so many sales with the iPhone. The author provides a chart of how these tesla roof materials compare to regular roofing materials, and they are right in competition with them.

One thing said by the is “Putting short-term political and tax credit issues aside, the Tesla roof, comprised of solar shingles made of high-tech glass, is on track to bring about another major preference displacement a decade from now”. Basically what the author is saying even without the financial incentives, the tesla roof in a few years will be in competitive costs with normal types of roofing, that don’t collect solar energy.

This article relates to my idea of motivation because it shows a plan for a company to revolutionize the energy industry. I plan on reading more about Tesla and the chairman, Elon Musk, because I believe he is motivated himself, and has the ability to motivate others as well. Over the past couple of days I’ve practiced trying to motivated my friends, on a smaller scale, with anything like going out or getting food.

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