Messi versus Ronaldo — How do the numbers stack up ?

Last year was like a dream. With a treble and a 5th Ballon D’Or, Messi almost went through a renaissance, after the bitter disappointment of the World Cup and Copa America. He only missed out on the pichichi which rightfully went to Ronaldo, who had nonchanlantly banged in a total of 60 goals.

Just like that.

2015/16 hasn’t been quite the same. For either. Depending on whom you read or believe, from trolls on comment sections or pundits in media, Ronaldo has lost a bit of his lethal finish, Messi has lost a bit of his spark and both haven’t quite hit the stride, that people are used to from them.

Meanwhile, Suarez has been electric. Neymar has been scintillating. Benzema has been lethal and Bale has found his mojo.

However, the biggest debate in football still revolves around these two.

Ronaldo and Messi.

So I thought, I would take a look at the numbers between these two titans, and well - as they say, numbers don’t lie. I have no intention of analysing and giving my point of view on what the numbers suggest, since I believe you should reach your own conclusion.

It makes for interesting reading though, and just for extra fun, I went ahead and built an infographic. Feel free to use it or share it — and of course, write your own commentary.

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