Do you care about your customers?

Might sound like a silly questions to ask as I’m sure everyone does care about potential new customers coming to their website but when you look at what many businesses are presenting them with when they get there, you have to wonder.

The best thing you can do as a business is put yourself in the place of the visitor but in reality this is really difficult as you know too much about your products or services and should know exactly where to get where you want to be. What you should probably do is sit with someone that’s never used your website before and ask them to find a piece of information or complete a sign-up or contact form.

When you actually sit with the people you’d like on your website you eyes can be open to a whole new world. All of a sudden the obvious isn’t so obvious, information appears buried and sign-up forms almost hidden away. Caring about your visitors and how they get what both they and you want is a very important part of making a website successful.

So many people talk about sending more traffic to their website, their advertising, their social profiles sending more visitors and the performance of their blog posts — all to get more enquiries, leads or sales but what they fail to look at is getting more of their existing visitors to convert.

Let’s say you have a website and it converts on average at about 0.5%, with 6000 good visitors per month would generate around 30 sales. By looking at your website, caring more about your visitor’s experience and making a few simple changes it wouldn’t be too hard to increase this by 0.5% and doubling your sales to 60 with no more traffic.

When you think about it properly, it’s almost criminal to go seeking more traffic for your website unless you are absolutely clear that it gives the best user experience and converts as well as it should, especially since finding more quality traffic will always be harder and more costly.