Creating Businesses from Simple Ideas

Have you ever encountered a business and thought: “WTF, this thing makes money?”

There are so many business like that… “Hold on, your business does what?”

I love discussing business with people. In fact, years ago, a simple discussion with my business partner lead to the creation of Clearplan.

What’s important, is not how “sexy” the business is, but rather, does the business make money. Can you put a couple things together to form a business?

This is my bailiwick. I see opportunities other people overlook.

Let’s take Kanban for example. Most software companies use a version of kanban for managing the development process.

In bare-bones terms, kanban is three columns:
ToDo | Doing | Done

It’s a simple process that works incredibly well for software companies.

A few months ago, I had an idea to take the kanban approach and apply it to the repossession industry. This method of tracking progress should work in every industry, why not repossession.

So that’s what we did. We used the kanban approach to create software for the repo industry. Our users love this application because it simplifies their workload, and makes managing the recovery process a 100 times easier.

Of course, I didn’t invent kanban. But, I did realize how we could use a proven process in a completely different model.

One of my favorite books is Zero to One by Peter Thiel. That’s my definition of an entrepreneur… creating something of value from nothing. It’s hard to do.

I’m amazed at the variety of business opportunities. There’s so much out there. What’s important is to view everyday things and ideas, and try to put a couple ideas together to make a lasting business.