Today I begin to write about this poetry medicine exploration I am on, as I travel around Mexico and Guatemala from London. I left 6 months ago with a question ‘How can poetry and music deeply heal us?’ Beyond just our story, and words and performing. What happens when we ask what is needed, and respond. What happens when we write channelling or in sensitivity of energy rising. How can we feel and cultivate more freedom. This poem expresses a moment beyond hiding, a moment beyond time. I am at the beginning. And nothing everything.

The beginnings / poem

I have seen,

felt and responded,

to a new land,

Out of the london system,

With more space, clear air,

Less rules,

And suppression.

I had my tongue cut out,

One flight,

Suddenly with my identity.

Heart begins to open,


Layers leaving me,

Without notice.

I am not Spanish,

I see Colour,

Sense an absence of passion.


Fridas spirit,

A lesson.

I chose this.

To rise and fall in expansion.

I can not here my intuition,

Time and restrictions,

Sticky on my skin,

Hot resistance,

Resisting myself,

Before nothing.

The sun slows me,

Boils my internal,

Pulls out overdue aggression,


I have to start again,



What is.

I don’t fit.

I go from leader to listener,

Speaker to silence.

Life plays out,

Something different.

People of the plant world,

Grandmother spirit,

Astral projection,

I am loosing it.

Days dissapear,

And time and planning,

Trust creeps in,

One day I begin flowing.

Meeting who I need to meet,

Facing what I need to face,

And the grace of life,

Grips my soul,

And starts to guide.

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