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4 Ways to Support the Legal Aid Community in Ukraine Today

Over the past few weeks, our thoughts have been with Ukraine, and we’ve been searching for the best way to support from afar. We recently connected with the Legal Development Network (LDN) in Kyiv, a group of community-based organizations that promote people-centered justice by legal aid, legal education, and other legal empowerment tools, about what’s happening on the ground and their urgent needs.

Straight from their incredible Executive Director Yevgen Poltenko, here’s what the LDN is focused on and how you can help:

1) Donate to relocate LDN staff from hot spots. They’re helping 39 people (16 families) move and need donations for transportation and rent. You can donate here:

2) Help disseminate relevant legal and humanitarian information across Ukraine. If anyone in your network in Ukraine can benefit, please share these valuable resources about where they can find help at:

3) Direct Kyiv residents to their local Humanitarian Center, where LDN is providing assistance for: footwear and ammunition for the territorial defense of Kyiv; medicine; food; other basic needs; and logistics services. Information can be found at:

4) Direct other folks in need across Ukraine to LDN legal aid resources and intake hotlines, currently being staffed by local legal services organizations. LDN assisted nearly 500 people in February through these hotlines, and needs are only increasing. Resources to access pro bono lawyers via phone, IM, email, and chat can be found at:

We will also share out more opportunities to assist via legal pro bono as they arise. Thank you for your dedication to humanitarian and legal access in Ukraine!

— Team Paladin




Empowering Pro Bono Champions

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