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5 Ways to Support Reproductive Rights Today

We are devastated by the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization to roll back nearly 50 years of protections for women’s health and reproductive rights. The decision will have a drastic impact on constitutional rights for decades to come, and immediate health and socioeconomic consequences for women in particular.

However, we have the power to make a direct impact to help those affected — check out 5 ways you can support reproductive rights today:

  1. Donate. From some of the larger nation-wide organizations like Planned Parenthood and our friends at the Center for Reproductive Rights, down to more targeted organizations like the Yellowhammer Fund (serving Alabama, Mississippi, and the Deep South) and the Afiya Center (serving Black Women & Girls), every dollar donated counts in getting individuals the help they need. Check out the National Network of Abortion Funds to see a list of over 90 organizations doing great abortion rights work.
  2. Volunteer as a Clinic Escort. As Lauren Rankin explains in a recent TIME article, “Clinic escorts have played a vital role in facilitating abortion access since the beginning of legal abortion in the United States. These volunteers, and the organizers who helped corral them into a movement, have bridged the growing gaps in abortion access for decades, standing up for providers and patients when it seemed like no one else would. Without them, access to safe, legal abortion would have disappeared long before the crisis moment in which America now finds itself.” Reach out to your local abortion clinic to sign up.
  3. Take on a Reproductive Rights Related Pro Bono Case. National organizations like the Center for Reproductive Rights have robust pro bono programs that allow you to lend your legal skills to those in need. If you’re in Illinois, Indiana, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, or Wisconsin, you can also browse a statewide pro bono portal to find a more local case.
  4. Vote! Supreme Court Justices are nominated by an (elected) President and confirmed by (elected) Senators. Make sure you’re voting regularly!
  5. Share Resources. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shared the below infographic of how overturning Roe v. Wade will affect abortion access (as of June 24, 2022). Please share with others in your network who may be directly affected so they can seek appropriate assistance.

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