A Post-Election Call to Action

Credit: Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman

In the wake of the election, I’d like to share with you — Paladin’s friends, family and supporters — our renewed commitment to our mission of ensuring access to justice for all.

We live in a divided nation. In the last couple weeks, we’ve heard heartfelt concerns from immigrants, women and minorities who fear a future that does not embrace or protect them, and that may actively hurt them. While we cannot know the future, we truly hope our nation will respect its fundamental values of inclusion, tolerance and respect for others.

Amidst this uncertainty, there is also hope. We’ve witnessed a huge groundswell of support from individuals and organizations committed to taking action (one Facebook group reached 100,000+ lawyers in less than a week). We are excited to be actively building the infrastructure enabling the private sector to directly engage with these important issues, and do its part to create a more just America.

More than ever, thank you for supporting Paladin and our mission. While we’re doing our best to maximize our impact, please let us know of additional ways we can be helpful — we would love to hear them. And if if you’re a lawyer ready to get involved or know one, we can help. To get started, signup here.

Together we can create a future to be proud of, starting now.