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Paladin is Hiring!

Access to justice is a huge, global problem. In the U.S., 86% of folks who need legal help don’t get it because they can’t afford a lawyer. Every day, we read about victims of natural disasters who have lost everything, families who have been separated by immigration policies, or Dreamers who face deportation from the only home they’ve ever known. These stories and so many others are stark reminders of just how critical access to legal services is for our communities.

At Paladin, we envision a future where a global network of attorneys and legal organizations work together to deliver pro bono services to every person who needs them. We are building a diverse team of dreamers, design thinkers, visionary coders and justice warriors to create that future. We are venture-backed, revenue-generating, fired up and ready to go.

Sound like fun? Join us!

Here are the roles we are currently hiring for:

Chief Experience Officer

Full Stack Engineer

Product Designer

Paladin is an equal opportunity employer.




Empowering Pro Bono Champions

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Matt Tucker

Matt Tucker

CTO @ Paladin | Former Hillary for America, Unfold, charity: water

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