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Welcome to our new Chief Growth Officer, Ben Feldman!

We’re so thrilled to have you on the Paladin team, Ben! Tell us about your background.

Across all of my experiences, one thing stands out — my passion for helping clients solve problems. I started my career working on sales and strategy for a HealthTech startup, working with large health systems and private practices. As one of the initial team members, I credit this period as one that laid the foundation for my belief that flexibility and agility are pinnacle for team success. For the past seven years, I’ve worked at Axiom (Managed Services arm) and Factor (spun out of Axiom in 2019) where I worked across industries supporting clients with Regulatory Reform and Legal Department innovation. Most recently, I led the sales strategy, sales execution and product development for the Law Firm market, a net new business to the company.

What drew you to Paladin?

Off the bat Paladin offered two things that have become professional passions of mine: (1) innovation of the legal market and (2) scaling small businesses. After an initial 30 minute conversation with Kristen (Sonday), it became clear that the company has a massive, multi-faceted opportunity. I became obsessed with the idea that we could solve a problem to impact the world for the better while also scaling a business.

Why is access to justice important to you?

The theme of personal responsibility in Niemöller’s “First they came” has always been a point of emphasis in my decision making — it certainly can be applied here. Simply put, access to justice is a human right and I’m a believer that without protection of every human right, we risk losing all human rights.

Desert island: one album, one book, one movie.

Album: Jock Jams, Volume 1 — if you know, you know

Book: Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose

Movie: My Cousin Vinny

Which GIF best represents how you feel about building justice tech?



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Kristen Sonday

Kristen Sonday

Co-Founder, CEO @JoinPaladin. Partner @LongJump. World traveller. Wine and chocolate lover.