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Welcome to Paladin’s Newest Software Engineer, Kenzo Narita!

Kenzo, we’re thrilled to have you on board! Tell us about your background.

I am a software engineer and have always worked at startups, as I like having a real impact on whatever project I’m working on and enjoy wearing the many-hats that comes with smaller teams. I have previously worked in energy and health tech, doing a mix of web development and control signal programming.

What drew you to Paladin?

Similarly to everyone I’ve met so far at Paladin, it was the mission that really drew me to the company. To really throw myself into a new role, I knew I would need to be excited about what the company was trying to achieve.

After meeting the bright, passionate people I would be working with, signing on was a no brainer.

Why is access to justice important to you?

There are so many inequalities that just shouldn’t exist in the modern world, and acess to legal counsel seems to be one of the greatest. Without access to counsel, any fairness that the legal system is supposed to grant, is lost.

Desert island: one album, one book, one movie.

Album: Californication — Red Hot Chili Peppers

Book: The Lord of the Rings

Movie: The Castle

Which GIF best represents how you feel about building justice tech



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