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4 min readMar 24, 2022

I am beyond excited to share that global superstar producer and 11-time Grammy nominee Diplo is the next artist to team up with Royal to share ownership of his music.

In collaboration with Higher Ground, the deep house imprint of his own label Mad Decent, Diplo will drop “Don’t Forget My Love”, the first single from his recently released self-titled album. The track drops Tuesday, March 29 at 6pm ET / 3pm PT on Royal.

For the first time ever, fans will be able to own rights in Diplo’s iconic music by buying Limited Digital Assets (LDAs), which are tokens with music rights embedded in them. When you own a token, you also get access to exclusive content and other benefits, which vary based on the tier you purchase.

Since entering the scene, Diplo has been known for his ability to transcend musical genres while connecting people across different cultures, tastes and geographies. With a fresh approach to music ownership and fan connection, this drop is a natural extension of Diplo’s career-long track record for cutting-edge experimentation and pushing boundaries.


“Don’t forget my love”: Tuesday, March 29 at 6pm ET / 3pm PT

A limited supply of 2,110 tokens total will be available.

Tiers Available:

  • Gold: 2,000 tokens; 0.004% streaming royalty rights ownership for $99. Extras: Access to the collector channel in Royal official Discord
  • Platinum: 100 tokens; 0.05% streaming royalty rights ownership for $999. Extras: All Gold extras + an exclusive DJ mix and first dibs on the next Diplo drop on Royal
  • Diamond: 10 tokens; 0.7% streaming royalty rights ownership for $9,999. Extras: All Gold and Platinum extras + access to Diplo’s guest list at a show of your choice including a meet & greet with Diplo (festivals not included, age restricted for 21+) and first dibs on all future Diplo drops on Royal

How to Purchase: You don’t have to be savvy with crypto to get in on this. You can pay for tokens with a debit or credit card or with USDC on Polygon. To learn more about music NFTs, check out our recent blog post here. You can also learn more about how to purchase tokens in our help center.


Our aim with Royal is to empower artists to maintain control over their work while fueling their careers. We believe that when fans have a way to directly support their favorite musicians through shared ownership, they establish a deeper connection and help artists achieve that creative independence.

We are still very much in the early days. We’ve done three drops since January — all of which sold out — starting with Hip Hop legend Nas as the first featured artist, followed by two awesome independent artists, Vérité (February) and Ollie (March). We’ve seen so much excitement and felt a ton of energy from people who want to see change in the music industry and want their financial support to go directly to artists. It’s clear that people are pumped about our work to change the music industry for the better. Some big observations from these early drops:

  • Owning music rights appeals to everyone — Tokens aren’t just for crypto-savvy music fans. Most people purchase tokens with credit cards, and a large number of collectors don’t have a wallet connected to their account. We deliberately designed Royal to optimize for approachability and we’re stoked to see that collectors, as well as artists, are turning to Royal to enter Web3.
  • Drops drive engagement — After dropping on Royal, artists have seen a meaningful increase in streams and social engagement. This shows us that, in addition to helping artists achieve creative independence, artists can turn to Royal as a tool for promotion and community engagement.
  • Music ownership is important to fans — For fans, there’s nothing quite like owning a piece of their favorite music. Social buzz around our first drops tell us that this unique approach to music ownership brings about a deeper level of connection to artists that hasn’t been possible before. Everyone has their own story about the personal significance in owning music they care about.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Diplo join the Royal community as we set out on this ambitious pursuit to change the music industry — and we’re just getting started.

Go to royal.io for the Diplo drop on Tuesday, March 29, and be on the lookout for many more drops by your favorite artists soon.




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