Eric Termuende: From Small Town Student to an International Circuit Speaker & Author

Eric Termuende was born and raised in small town Cranbrook, B.C. Since moving to the West Coast living in Vancouver, much has changed. His entrepreneurial journey was triggered when he noticed no jobs were jumping at him. “My grades weren’t where they needed to be, and my co-founder at the time approached me to form Gen Y Inc. Our goal was to help the organization attract and retain next generations of the workforce.” Gen Y Inc. was later changed to the Dryver Group where he meets with companies to dive into and advise on all HR related problems imaginable.

Eric recently sold Gen Y Inc., finished writing an amazon best-seller, and has stood on over 120 stages as a professional speaker across the globe. He works for NoW Innovations, a company that strives to help clients optimize their workplace culture.

Eric’s book, Rethink Work: Finding & Keeping the Right Talent, aims to tackle one of the biggest issues employers face today — how to attract and retain the best empolyees.

How did he do it?

While in school, Eric engaged in extra curricular activities, to improve his academic performances. As he states, “the more I was outside the academia part of school, the better I did. Being a part of clubs, case competitions, having a job, and learning outside of the classroom allowed me to apply my informal education to the exam papers.”

He believes “nothing about entrepreneurship is easy”, he says, “but the more people that are aware of the time and effort required, the better off they’ll be”. Eric sees Catalyst as a platform to better connect to like-minded people who are working to be the best they can be.

What can you learn from Eric’s philosophy?

Have you ever heard the phrase “If you want something done, give it to a busy person?” Busy people often accomplish more, because they very aware of their time restrictions. Always being involved in an activity at work, for school, or athletics requires good time management skills. Much of Eric’s success as an entrepreneur is a result of his time management. He mentioned, “At one point I was taking five classes and working fifty hours a week; this is when my grades were at their best.” Erics ability to manage his time is the reason he was able to write a bestselling book, speak on over 120 stages and build Gen Y Inc.

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Want to reach out to Eric? Send him a message via Linked In.