(Yeah it’s a cheesy title :D)

Adulting is something we should figure out by the time we’re an adult, right?

Nah. I can count on one hand the number of people I felt like were good at “all the life things” by the time they hit adulthood. Most of us spend the literal *rest of our entire lives* continuously figuring it out.

So today I’m sharing a quick list of important adulting skills you probably haven’t mastered yet. ;)

1. Sleeping well

Yeah, I’m starting with the absolute most basic thing because we suck at it. Modern technology has given…

Being an internal medicine doctor who works primarily over telemedicine means about 50% of my patients are coming in for mental health.

Has it changed over the pandemic? Sort of. I have roughly the same proportion of mental health patients, just more people overall have now discovered the magic of being able to see your doctor without changing out of your pajamas.

Something I’ve noticed after about a thousand mental health visits is just how empiric the process of treating mental illness is. Meaning, we have a rough theory about what drugs may work for anxiety and depression, but in…

Do you notice yourself feeling a little more drained recently? If so, you might be experiencing symptoms of burnout. In order to identify burnout, you need to understand what it actually is. So let’s break it down together.

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Burnout doesn’t just happen. You don’t wake up one day and suddenly have it. It’s like a slow leak which slowly builds up over time. And this is a very good thing because you can recognize the warning signs and make changes before the leak becomes an overwhelming flood.

It consists of three core components.

  1. Emotional exhaustion: the physical and emotional fatigue…

In medical school, we heard about “building rapport” with our patients and developing a good “bedside manner.”

Sick Season 4 GIF By The Simpsons

What’s more difficult is actually teaching or learning “good” versions of any of these. I was lucky to attend a school that brought in excellent standardized patients or actors who would give us real-time feedback on things we did or said in mock clinic visits.

“I really liked how you brought up your personal struggles with your own father.”

“I don’t think you should bring up personal details — it feels unprofessional.”

But these teaching experiences were few compared to the thousands of…

The objective breakdown of emotions and its correlative skills has been subject to debate for as long as we have tried. There are six major theories of emotions commonly cited, and dozens more addressing the various components of emotions and its effects. Some debate that emotions are more physiological in nature, others that they are cognitive.

“If only I could just think away my sadness.”

“It’s my hormones.”

“All this caffeine makes me anxious.”

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What is commonly agreed upon is that emotions are multifactorial and deeply impactful on our inner and outer lives.

We will never agree on a singular…

How dopamine works wonders on learning and retention

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Humor and laughter have a plethora of psychological, physiological, and social benefits ranging from reducing stress, improving trust and engagement, and even enhancing learning and memory. In fact, much of these benefits can be attributed to one happy hormone named “Dopamine”.

Dopamine is a well-known neurotransmitter that is released whenever we smile or laugh. Whether it’s because of a hilariously bad joke or a 2020 meme, the release of dopamine is associated with the feel-good sensation we feel afterward. As it turns out, this neurotransmitter plays an integral role in a number of pathways in our body. …

I come from academic medicine. This means I spent years of my life researching, experimenting, writing, and publishing on subjects from neuroscience to oncology to education.

Yet now I’m founding an emotional skills startup. How do the two tie together?

When a man faces his death at the end of a long fight with cancer, or a child is hospitalized for the umpteenth time for a congenital illness, the angst and suffering are far more than physical. The truest suffering is emotional and existential.

“Why this?”

“Why me?”

“What is the true meaning of my life?”

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”No aspect of our…

By John Baldoni

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There’s an old show business adage that seems perfect for our times. “Life is easy,” goes the saying. “Comedy is hard.”

And so when I connected with Trevor Smith, who bills himself as Certified Laughter Leader of the World Laughter Tour, Inc., I knew he would have some good advice for leaders dealing with the hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We use humor in crises to provide perspective and help us deal with the emotional turmoil and stress that we might be dealing with,” says Smith, a therapist by training. …

Curio’s relationship columnist, Julie Nguyen, answers readers’ questions on dating, sex, love, mental health, and everything in between.

Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

Dear Julie,

I work as a photographer and editor in New York. I have created a successful career for myself but I am still riddled with self-doubt and uncertainty. For background, I identify as Afro-Latinx and grew up in a tiny town in nowhere, USA. I didn’t come from a pedigree, I just worked overtime to form the connections I have today. Despite my age and experience, I feel inadequate in all of the spaces I enter. How can I manage this fear?

~ Supporting Character

Dear Supporting Character,

Growing up as an outsider in a small town can sometimes…

We go on and on about how to set boundaries, but what about that pang of guilt after telling someone ‘no’?

Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

The feeling of guilt and shame after setting well-needed boundaries is all too real. However, the topic of how to deal with it is often missing from the discussions about setting boundaries, which is why it’s time to look back at what we can do to minimize post-boundary setting guilt.

Revisit Your Intentions

We all have reasons for setting boundaries– what’s yours?

Ask yourself this question every time you find the guilt creeping up on you. Remember, we set boundaries to preserve inner peace, to give us time to recharge our emotional batteries, and to maintain healthy relationships with others, so what motivated…


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