Glimpse working with Zoom to make Video Chat Social

Helena Merk
Jul 21 · 2 min read

By: Helena Merk, co-founder, and CEO of Glimpse

👋 Hello! Today we’re excited to announce Glimpse is working with Zoom. We’re launching an App for Zoom to superpower your chat: Heyyo Chat.

👉 👉 Install Heyyo 👈👈

Heyyo comes out of the box with:

🧵 Threads

📣 Mentions

💌 Direct Messages

🔐 Persist Chats after your call

👍 Reactions

The story

At Glimpse, we talk a lot about our mission to connect people. It’s why Brian and I dropped out of Duke two years ago. We believe in the power of communities to help people grow and find a sense of belonging — to make them feel loved.

Glimpse Co-Founders, Brian (left) and Helena (right)

Zoom has a similar mission: to Deliver Happiness. Plus, their technology is unbeatable. We could not be more excited to pioneer into the Zoom App ecosystem with Heyyo Chat.

Heyyo Chat is just the beginning. For those familiar with Glimpse, you know we’ve built the best 1-on-1 speed matching experience for your community. To date we’ve brought millions of people together throughout the pandemic — from Princeton University undergrads meeting for the first time, to team formations at Social Good Hackathons, to recruiting at Grace Hopper’s career fair.

The Future

Glimpse will continue to facilitate 1-on-1 speed matching. In fact, we plan to bring the 1-on-1 experience into Zoom. Here’s a sneak peak: Shuffle.

We are so excited for this next chapter of Glimpse as part of the Zoom ecosystem 🚀

👉 Install Heyyo now 👈

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