How Internships Are Using Glimpse

Davin Tan
Davin Tan
May 6 · 2 min read
Artwork by Joyce Huang

In light of COVID-19, remote work has become a necessity for many organizations to stay operational. It was only ever intended to be a quick fix, but some corporations are exploring the possibility of making this persist even after things return to normalcy. In fact, this coming summer, many internship programs are still planning on running under a completely remote work environment.

Online internships have many upsides: lower operating costs, greater convenience for students, and a larger talent pool to source from.

Using Glimpse to Run a Fantastic Virtual Internship:

Most notably, many corporations have used a platform called Glimpse to successfully run online events for the past few months. Glimpse is a video chat service that performs one-on-one, timed box calls (default is 2 minutes).

These Glimpse events have been a great way to counteract the hurdles that come with online internships like finding an adequate way to network with co-workers or getting acclimated to a company’s culture.

For example, companies like Ford and SnapEDA have utilized Glimpse for onboarding employees as well as creating stronger communities!

Talking to Ford about Glimpse

Why does community matter to Ford?

Ford’s mission has always been to strengthen communities and help make people’s lives better. With programming that empowers people, encouraging and funding innovation, and promoting social mobility, we support our communities so that they may prosper.

Why did you reach out to our team and choose Glimpse to engage Ford interns?

Our team reached out to Glimpse because we were looking for an exciting and fun way for our virtual interns to connect with one another during their internship this summer. Glimpse offered an innovative platform with unique features (photo-booth, mini-games) that we believe will engage our interns in ways that other networking platforms could not.

Likewise, SnapEDA, a company that helps engineers design products faster through an electronics designed search engine also had great things to say about Glimpse!

Talking to SnapEDA about Glimpse

SnapEDA engaged with its 25 employees by using Glimpse on a weekly basis. Their Community Marketing Lead: Lissette Morales stated, “It’s a really good way of building company culture. Our biggest asset is our people. Being able to work better requires having a good community.”

Morales went on to add, “It’s really nice to know you only have 2 minutes. It becomes really dynamic and engaging. You get super excited.”

Overall, Glimpse has been able to make the lives of both employers and interns much easier. Click here to find out more!


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