Introducing Honeycomb

Amelia Lin
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2 min readSep 27, 2021


We started Honeycomb to capture our families’ stories. Little did we know that just days into our journey, the COVID-19 outbreak would keep us from seeing our parents, making the need to capture their voices and stories more important than ever.

As the app grew during the pandemic, we saw that it wasn’t just adult children recording their parents’ stories. Instead, they were also using us to capture important moments of their children, and to share those stories with their own parents. Grandma and Grandpa — whom we had originally conceived as the people recording their memories — were now the people consuming the content, as moms and dads shared day-to-day miracles and precious moments of early parenting.

We quickly realized that we were no longer building an app simply to record our elders’ memories, but in fact an app to connect generations around shared stories and milestones. First steps, first words, and all of the cute, frustrating, and funny moments in between.

In order to better serve our customers, we are broadening our vision: We’re adding features to support new parents looking to capture and save their child’s story, and unveiling our new name — Honeycomb. A place to keep all the special moments you want to save for later.

A few highlights of what’s new in Honeycomb:

  • A fresh look and feel — a new name, app icon, and more
  • Multimedia support for photos, text, audio (and we’re working on video!)

Through the ups and downs the past year, we’ve only grown more passionate about helping save family memories. We’ve even welcomed our own first team baby, our co-founder Nicole Wee’s daughter Blaze!

Nicole and Blaze, our first Honeycomb team baby!

We’re so excited to keep helping families, parents, and grandparents connect through Honeycomb, and make it their special place to capture and share their most precious moments.

You can download Honeycomb free in the App Store today here.