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Food System Change-Makers Unite!

Rieki Cordon
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7 min readApr 11, 2020


What if we had a purpose-built financial system for the local food movement? Well, we do now!

The destiny of nations, depends upon the manner in which they feed themselves.” -Philosopher of gastronomy Brillat-Savarin

In today's global civilization, it’s not only the destiny of nations at stake… The destiny of all of humanity hinges on our capacity to evolve the way we feed ourselves.

Our current food system is failing humanity!

A United Nations report from 2013, titled: “Wake up Before It’s too Late” claims small-scale organic farming is necessary to feed the world and prevent ecological collapse.

Yet, our current economy is fighting the solution by working against small-scale growers…

  • “Farmers and ranchers only receive 15.6 cents of every dollar that consumers spend on food in the United States, the lowest level since 2006. Marketing, wholesaling, distribution, and retailing account for more than 80 percent of the American food dollar.” -National Farmers Union
  • “This year[2017], median farm household income is projected to be negative $1,400, meaning many farmers will actually lose money. If the circumstances do not improve, some families will have to make tough decisions, including whether or not they can even afford to stay on their land.” — National Farmers Union
  • Majority of small scale farmers are barely making ends meet. “90 percent of farmers in this country [U.S.] rely on an outside job, or a spouse’s outside job, or some independent form of wealth, for their primary income.” — Salon

The Local Food Economy and Financial Renaissance

Central banks created approximately 3 Trillion USD recently as a response to our collapsing financial system — how much of this money went towards localizing our fragile food systems?

The answer is, none…

Our current financial systems are failing, it’s time to evolve them to actually address humanity’s crises, not continuing to fuel the crises with humanity’s collective wealth.

Imagine if instead central banks paired up with Community Supported Agriculture to provide the same benefits afforded to Industrial Agriculture.

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to wait for hell to freeze over, and instead decided to make that reality ourselves!

SEEDS believes that those who are providing humanity with the nutritional basis for survival should not only be able to financially support themselves, but they ought to be the most heavily rewarded!

What could be more important than providing deep healing for our planet and authentic nourishment for the people?

A financial system to regenerate our planet

Food is the foundation of our ecological and planetary crisis. Solve food, and we have a solid foundation to build the civilization of the future.

A regenerative civilization is built on regenerative agriculture.

SEEDS: A Regenerative Financial System

SEEDS is here to support the existing people, movement and platforms in the Local Food Movement and Food Sharing Economy.

The call is to unite as one to create a new economy: The Local Food Economy.

Over 160 organisations (and growing) across the globe have come together to form an alliance for global regeneration.

An evolution in money

Think of brick and mortar shops building websites to leverage the Internet when it first came out. The Internet didn’t replace their business, it just added another avenue for them to succeed.

Organisations who adopted the Internet first, thrived. Those who lagged, failed.

It’s because the Internet gave a unique advantage to those who adopted it.

The same is true of any superior technology or idea.

SEEDS gives a unique advantage to the Local Food Movement to out-compete industrial agriculture.

It does this by:

  1. providing “better than free” payments and platforms.
  2. Through direct subsidies from a new financial system.
  3. Providing more voice and value to the people than any current system.

You want to make the world more beautiful, so do we. Let’s do it together!

It is vital that humanity creates healthier, more local food systems, for our health and our planet’s health!

SEEDS steps in to create a financial system designed to serve small-scale regenerative food producers.

By joining seeds you can:

  • Expose your food, creations and products to a wider community who’s committed to the cause an incentivized to buy from you over others.
  • Receive financial compensation for your contributions to the regenerative movement.

Click above to learn how to get a grant for your regenerative organisation.

  • Receive fee-free, on-line and in-person payments when transacting in Seeds. Since there are no fees to accept payments in Seeds, you would save yourself and your customers fees and charges from banks and payment processors.

By simply choosing to accept Seeds (the currency of SEEDS) as a method of payment you’re eligible for a grant or interest-free loan to finance the expansion of your regenerative and local food business.

  • Join a cooperative economy, a community that shares the rewards of the whole, with everyone involved. This equates to indirect and direct compensation for much of the work you are doing to grow and manage your business!

Click above to learn how to get funding to establish and reward resilient communities.

  • Take advantage of an account that increases in value and reputation. An account that will gain value from all of your business activities. Businesses earn more money the more transactions they make. This would be akin to your central bank giving you some money for helping grow the economy.

When you help the regenerative economy, the economy helps you.

  • Gain cooperative marketing efforts. Join a platform with an entire community involved in growth and awareness of the whole Ecosystem. Be part of an economy that thrives on cooperation.
  • Receive and direct financial support for proposals within your local SEEDS community.

Click above to learn how to get funding for your regenerative causes and campaigns.

  • Gain Immutable built-in accounting. As all transactions are recorded on the blockchain your accounting burdens are reduced.
  • Let your voice be heard. Earn a voice in SEEDS and help shape the future of the Local Food Economy!

And most importantly…

Join the Regenerative Renaissance and co-create a new global civilization that truly serves the well-being of the people and our planet.

Better-than-free peer-to-peer food

“Uber takes a 30-percent cut of the bill on orders they deliver. The Post claims that’s higher than the sites Seamless and Grubhub, which charge fees in the 12 percent to 24 percent range. Meanwhile, brands like, DoorDash, Postmates and Caviar all take somewhere between 15 percent and 23 percent of the check. And these percentages are often in addition to a delivery fee.” — Food and Wine

An invitation for local food delivery and marketplace applications

By choosing to accept Seeds on your marketplace, you not only save on the 3–5% fee being charged by the payment processor, but you can earn additional rewards from the payments you do facilitate.

SEEDS is seeking partners in the local food delivery and marketplace space who would like to gain more traction, reduce their payment fees and support the Regenerative Renaissance!

We shouldn’t depend on goodwill to grow the Local Food Movement. We don’t have time to wait for nation states to stop subsidizing degenerative industries in support of regenerative ones.

This is why we’ve decided to take bold, direct action so we can do it ourselves.

As Buckminster Fuller said: “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

This is our time to create a new story for humanity.

How to join

First step is pledging to the regeneration of our planet. Then you’ll get an email with the next step. And/or contact whoever shared this article with you for an invite into SEEDS!

To regeneration and beyond!



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