Supporting the Regenerative Renaissance: How to Buy and Earn Seeds

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Want to get some more of this regenerative and conscious currency?

Note: SEEDS is the ecosystem, Seeds are our currency and seeds grow trees.

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Earning Seeds


SEEDS is about financing the transition toward a new economy and rewarding people for participating in all the tasks required to create a healthier society. You can earn Seeds for completing a variety of tasks from planting trees (#PlantseedsGetSeeds) to doing good deeds (#GoodDeedsGetSeeds). Engage in the Forum in the Passport or on SEEDS social media to learn about and help decide which campaigns to fund.

How to propose a campaign article.

The details…
You can only complete each campaign one time.
2. To ease legal and tax obligations you’re limited to earning $555 USD worth of Seeds through campaigns.
3. Limits start at S150 Seeds for each account.
4. Limits are raised to S555 Seeds once you become a Resident (to be dynamically adjusted based on Seeds USD price at the time of earning).

So hold on to the first 100 Seeds you earn and you can use them to become a Resident (you need to Plant — lock away — 100 Seeds to progress) and increase your limits.


Earn Seeds for inviting people and organisations. Simply “Sow Seeds” (an action in the app) to new people and rewards are automatically tracked. You can see all your referral rewards in your passport under the “Future Harvest” Section. When someone you invite becomes a Resident or Citizen, you earn Seeds!

The details…
Unlike Seeds earned through campaigns which are instantly available, you need to wait until “Go Live” before you start getting access to Seeds you’ve earned through referrals or alliance grants.

Note: SEEDS IS NOT MLM (there are no levels). There are only 250M Seeds set aside to reward members for helping this movement grow. Once gone, the referral program is over.

This is also not a “Pyramid scheme” as the referral reward *DOES NOT* come from new members coming in. This is a referral program, just like many new organisations run to reward their most committed early members.

Alliance grants (for organisations)

If you’re an organisation dedicated to creating a healthier world — whether that’s regenerating our environment, hosting sustainable events, growing community, supporting local food systems or anything else that serves the overall transition towards a regenerative civilization — you can get a grant for the work you’ve done and are doing. This happens directly through the SEEDS Global Passport app and all grants are decided by the SEEDS Citizens through decentralized governance.

How to propose an alliance grant article.

The details…
Unlike Seeds earned through campaigns which are instantly available, you need to wait until “Go Live” before you start getting access to Seeds you’ve earned through referrals or Alliance grants. The exact date of “Go Live” is not known as its up to the Citizens to trigger it, however expect around mid-2021.

The intent here is to help people and movements become financially aligned with SEEDS — not give them a “quick buck” they can “cash out” into the degenerative financial world.

SEEDS is *NOT* running an ICO!

Buying Seeds

For an deeper dive into the economics of Seeds — click here.

There are 3 primary ways to buy Seeds right now:

  1. with select cryptocurrencies directly;
  2. on the Newdex decentralized exchange (most complicated);
  3. peer-to-peer within the SEEDS community.

With cryptocurrency

The easiest way to purchase Seeds is if you already have BTC, EOS or TLOS. Then, you can buy Seeds in seconds.

Simply go to to follow the steps.

Link here

Otherwise, use your favourite exchange to get EOS or BTC (see below)

Send EOS tothehyphabank” with your SEEDS account name in the memo field from your **EOS wallet or exchange**.

That’s it!

Note: There are no fees. So, there is no cost in sending a small amount to test and check the rate.

Depending on the wallet you may have to click on an “ADVANCED” button to find the “Memo Field”

Send TLOS to “tlosto.seeds” from your SEEDS passport.

That’s it! It will be immediately converted to Seeds at the current rate and sent back.

Note: There are no fees. So, there is no cost in sending a small amount to test and check the rate.


Click here — and follow the prompts for Bitcoin buy in BTC. The Bitcoin address you’re given to send BTC to is your special Bitcoin address. Whenever anyone sends BTC to this address you’re sent equal value in Seeds to your SEEDS account.

Get cryptocurrency with your national currency

This is a good step to learn anyway if you’re new to cryptocurrency and it’s always a good time to learn about this new financial world. Get a hold of some Bitcoin, EOS or TLOS in order to buy Seeds.

Coinbase and Coinmama are generally trusted and easy routes.


Click here for best methods to buy EOS


Click here for some methods to buy BTC
Global list of how to buy BTC with a credit card


Click here for current options of buying TLOS

With you national currency

Click here

The Seeds Swap — Community led — peer-to-peer trading

If you don’t know how to use other cryptocurrencies yet and you don’t want to learn (we understand), then we can work together as a community to help you!

Here you can find some members of SEEDS who are willing to help others buy some Seeds and do the cryptocurrency exchange themselves. You could send them some money (via paypal, bank transfer, etc, your choice) and they can send you Seeds.

Note: This can only be used for small amounts (less than $250 USD) for safety and legal compliance.

Trading on Exchanges (TLOS)

You can trade Seeds and TLOS on the NewDEX decentralized exchange.

The community is encouraged to reach out to more exchanges to list Seeds.

How is Hypha selling its Seeds?

You can engage directly with Hypha’s Seeds contract and trade your crypto assets for Seeds.

Hypha will sell only 1.1M Seeds at each price then raise it by 3.3%. This will happen until all 55M Seeds are sold. With this method Hypha will sell out with only ~1.6M USD in Seeds purchased.

Weekly Limits

We set weekly purchase limits for 2 reasons to comply with anti-money laundering laws and to ensure that a handful of people aren’t able to buy up all the Seeds.

Given the token model, it is advantageous to buy Seeds early and we wouldn’t want this benefit to concentrate into a few hands.

The details…
Weekly Purchase Limits for Visitors (unverified accounts)
S25,000 Seeds / Week

Weekly Limits for Residents or Citizens
S250,000 Seeds / Week


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