Full moon announcement! Seeds tokens are available for purchase.

Rieki Cordon
Jan 10 · 3 min read

To start off the year of perfect vision and to celebrate the first full moon of the decade…

Seeds tokens are available for purchase!

With a Bonus!

We’ve just released a new update of the Passport App!

Note: If you haven’t accepted an invite in the past, you will need to request another one! You can do so following the prompts in the app.

We’re delighted to announce that for the first time ever Seeds tokens are available for sale! They are now listed on the ChainRift exchange and Hypha has built tools to buy Seeds directly in the Passport app!

This is your opportunity to buy additional Seeds for use in the Passport, and to contribute further to the SEEDS ecosystem and a more beautiful future that you’re co-creating with us.

Get more Seeds

Hypha (the organization building the SEEDS ecosystem and Passport app) is selling its Seeds at fixed rates to give an equal and equitable opportunity for everyone to get involved! This may be the only time that Hypha will sell Seeds at fixed costs of approximately $0.01 and $0.015 equivalent each:

Jan 10th to Feb 3rd =$0.01 USD

Feb 3rd to Feb 13th = $0.015 USD

Full details about the sale are outlined in the decentralized and immutably stored:
Token Sale Proposal Dec 29th document.

1st turn your local currency into TLOS (to get Seeds)

As a gesture of our appreciation for the Telos community, this first sale is focused on exchanges made using TLOS tokens (the token of the Telos blockchain that we built on), which you can easily acquire with your local or crypto currencies.

To convert your local currency into TLOS click here (takes under 3 min) or from a number of exchanges found here.

Buying Seeds in the app

  1. Send TLOS to your SEEDS account name then exchange them for Seeds in the app under the ‘Bank / Buy and Sell Seeds’ tab in the top left menu.
  2. Click ‘Buy Seeds with TLOS’ and you can convert TLOS into Seeds immediately.

You can also buy TLOS with USD in the app directly under the bank section.

Exchanges (TLOS & EOS)

You can buy Seeds using EOS or TLOS on the ChainRift exchange.

Local currency to Seeds directly in the app: Coming soon!

Future token availability

Hypha may conduct up to three more sales of similar size before ‘Go Live’ in early 2021 if it is awarded tokens by the Citizens of SEEDS for achieving development milestones. The next opportunity is planned for February 20th 2020.

Hypha is selling Seeds to generate additional revenue to continue to expand our capability to build dapps and tools to facilitate humanity’s transition to a globally regenerative and thriving civilization.

Thank you again for your participation in creating the regenerative SEEDS financial ecosystem.

To Regeneration and Beyond!

For more information, check out the SEEDS website or Medium publication.

We build dapps and tools to facilitate humanity’s transition to a globally regenerative and thriving civilization.


Conscious Currency for a Regenerative Society

Rieki Cordon

Written by

Decentralizing Abundance! Ecosystem Architect @ SEEDS Word-Smithing a More Beautiful Society! JoinSEEDS.com



Conscious Currency for a Regenerative Society

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