Welcome to the Regenerative Renaissance — SEEDS Passport is finally here!

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2 min readMar 28, 2020

After years of crafting, we’re finally ready to open up the SEEDS Global Passport to the world!

Note: You’ll still need an invite from an existing member to get the app. This is to build a strong web of trust and prevent bots from abusing the rewards system.

The Regenerative Renaissance

There couldn’t be a more important or opportune time to be birthing this movement. Our world is facing a financial collapse — our economies are slowing down (preparing for a transition) — and we can use this time to grow into a more healthy and regenerative civilization.

SEEDS is stepping in where governments are unable to offer a financial stimulus to help economies transition.

We’re creating our own “Green New Deal” for the planet.

What to do now (once you get the app)

  1. Join the forum discussion.
  2. Invite new members.
  3. Propose campaign ideas (in the coop section).
  4. Participate in current campaigns (head over to campaign section in forum for more).

Just the first release — updates and new features will be added regularly — use the “requested features” part of the forum to share your feedback and build this together.

Breakdown or breakthrough?

The majority of damage caused by a economic recession can be avoided by introducing a new currency and new money into local communities.

This is exactly what SEEDS is doing! As national currencies get more scarce we can bring in a new money system that begins by rewarding those who are engaging in regeneration. This can help us finance and transition into a regenerative culture.

Its time to grow

Organisations are asking for grants — we’re injecting value into local communities and we’re bringing in as many regenerators into this new movement as we can.

Now is the time for us to align with this energy of transformation and bring about a new paradigm!

You can use your 45 Seeds to invite those you believe would be most empowered by this new financial system — as they contribute to SEEDS you can earn up to 25 Seeds that is set aside to reward referrals (referral rewards are limited and paid on first come first served).

So excited to co-create with you

We’re so grateful for all the people, projects and movements that have heard the call to co-create a regenerative financial system with us, and who have aligned together around this vision.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and for co-creating a regenerative financial civilization together.

For questions and to connect

Head into the Forum section of the Passport — the more you engage there the more reputation you earn! This gives you more voice in governance. so if you’re not on Telegram already — then you can wait until then.



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