JCF Team and Prof. Nilay Goyal (HyperAccelerator) in Toronto (Collision’22)

What Is WEALTH and its ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

Why Another Fund-Raising Platform?

How Does WEALTH work?

  • 7% donation tokens: social causes the Founders and Sponsors have chosen.
  • 3% platform tokens: WEALTH Platform’s operations (as the platform’s revenue)
  • 10% team tokens: the project’s founders/team members/advisors, the specifics are decided by Founders.
  • 10% collateral: reserved funding where each project token can be redeemed at any time.
  • 80% project tokens: used for the project’s stated purpose, often to develop an impact project from concept to reality.

What’s In It for Me?

Is It Legal?

Is It Safe?

What Can My WEALTH Tokens Be Used For?

How Much Can I Expect to Make? What’s the RoI?

Can I Buy WEALTH Tokens?

Can I Transfer/Send WEALTH Tokens to Someone Else?

I Know Little About Crypto, Can I Still Participate?

I’m Interested, How Can I Get Involved?



crypto index fund to make basic income universal

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Shun-Yun Hu

Founder of Joint Commonwealth Inc. (JCF), Co-founder of Imonology Inc. Someone who enjoys to observe, to think, and to create…