JCF 2021–08 Update

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

JCF is a social impact fund that invests in crypto assets with the vision to make basic income universal to over 1+ billion people by 2040. We’re current about 120 participants managing a total asset of about US$160,000. We paid out about US$150 basic income to all participants regardless of their holding size (minimal is $10) in 2021 Q1 alone.

As we look forward, we have high goals for 2021. Thanks to the direct feedback from Dr. Benjamin Hardy on studying the “10x Rule”, we decided to up our asset goal target from US$3M to US$30M for 2021. Though it might seem lofty, we believe that there might just be a way to reach it.

Right now JCF is over 100 people with $1,000 average contribution each, but if we can scale to 1M+ people, then even with just $30 average contribution each, we can grow our asset size to $30M. The question then becomes how to grow from 100 to 1M (an 10,000x increase) in users.

Some key ideas are:

  • When Paypal started, two things they did accelerated its growth: 1) money can be sent simply by email 2) for each new member that joined, both the invitee and the inviter receive $10 as an incentive gift. The amount was later reduced to $5, then none, but it got Paypal onward to a scaling path.
  • While JCF currently has no VC backup (yet :), the “invite by email” and “gifting FREE money” are indeed something we can do.
  • The reason is that JCF operates with a “dividend pool”, which is essentially a reserve pool of assets from the “profit” of the fund. We paid 25% of the pool regularly (now monthly) where half of which is equally shared (the “shared dividend”) as a form of basic income. Anyone who joins JCF in fact has a lifetime passive income stream from the pool.
  • Due to the design of the “shared dividend”, participants with smaller token holding size actually has better return on investment (RoI) than larger holders. For example, the average monthly dividend yield was 2.62% in 2020, but the highest was actually 216.49% in a single month for the smallest token holder.
  • There’s also a “7% donation” mechanism built into JCF, where 7% of the monthly dividend received has to be donated/given to someone else by all participants to spread basic income to a wider audience, and not just investor. The recipient can be an individual or a social organization. This in effect, is also FREE money to be given.
  • So combining the “7% donation” and “shared dividend”, and a large enough dividend pool, we’re fairly confident new members invited by the 7% donation mechanism can be rewarded with a fair amount of free money. Except in our case this could be even better than Paypal users, as the new member can continuously receive regular dividends from JCF.

If you’re interested to learn more, feel free to visit our site, watch our webinar in Chinese or English. If you’re interested to work or partner with us, please feel free to reach out on our FB channel or email directly to contact@jcf.world.

Till our next update, may there be Wealth for All!



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