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Brief Understanding of the Functionality of the Jointer Auction

Binance Smart Chain platform does 30X in 2 hours now at 50X

DeFi or the decentralized finance syndication has Jointer as the new model for the Binance Smart Chain. Making the most of the daily Auction, Jointer would help remove barriers in Commercial Real Estate. It would also cater to investors with instant diversification and uncorrelated returns. You could also make the most of the daily discounts that could go up to 50% and infinite liquidity.

To purchase the JNTR asset, you should invest in Jointer Auction. This primary channel offers the investors individual bonuses and group discounts based on the position of the investor in every group and the investment level of the group. The decentralized finance smart contract determines the minting process day in and day out. It would calculate the auction result of the previous day to determine the minter supply of JNTR for the day. Investors would invest up to the daily limit in every auction. They would benefit largely from the buying power of the entire group. The maximum auction amount would be capped at 150% of the total investment amount of the total from the previous day.

Establishing the daily auction goal

Daily, the live Jointer Auction begins at midnight GMT and commences at 11:00 am GMT. All investors would be awarded 100 JNTR for participating in the auction. When the day commences, the participating investors could estimate the face value of 100 JNTR.

Every auction is based on the goal to raise the total amount of funds gathered a day before. It would be the goal for the auction on the next day. A private auction would host the initial 27 days of the auction for the members of the whitelisted community.

While determining the routine supply, Jointer would take the previous day’s total contributions and divide it by the face value price of JNTR at the end of the day. It would help decide the daily supply of the auction.

Incentives of daily Jointer Auction

The dual bonus structure of Jointer caters to both small and large investors with a chance to make the most of the daily success, both as an individual and as a group. After the expiration of the initial 27-day private auction, an investor investing $100 on the initial day would make $3,000 on the last day of the auction.

  • Group discount

The Group Discount is earned through the minting of additional JNTR for distribution. The smart contract increases the number of JNTR minted based on successfully surpassing yesterday’s total investment. This allows all investors to benefit from the daily success of a 50% discount and encourages group participation and engagement.

  • Individual bonus

Investors are incentivized to lead the daily investment round. The bonus is based on their place amongst all investors in the group. The highest discount is based on the highest individual’s investment compared to the group. The more individually invested, the greater the individual bonus.

Use and distribution of the gathered funds

If you were wondering about the use of the funds gathered, rest assured, it would help keep up the functionality of the strong Jointer ecosystem. Nearly 90% of the funds would be reserved for Commercial Real Estate Property Investments, while the remaining 10% would be used for powering the main reserve, side reserve, and turnover reserve.

To participate in the Jointer Auction, click on

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