Investing in Jointer’s Auction on Binance Smart Chain Using MetaMask

Kyle White
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Sep 28, 2020


Jointer’s Auction does 30X in 2 hours on Binance Smart Chain. Learn how to make sure your wallet is ready to participate.

Everyone is familiar with utilizing MetaMask for ERC20 standard tokens, but how about on Binance’s BEP20 Smart Chain?

The process is easy and you don’t even need a new wallet address!

Step 1 Connect to your MetaMask using the ERC20 wallet provided to Jointer

Step 2 Go to settings to add Binance Smart Chain

3. Add a new network

4. Add Binance Smart Chain Mainnet information to your MetaMask wallet

Add Binance Smart Chain Mainnet information

For more assistance, view the MetaMask Guide:

5. Switch to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

6. Click add token

7. Enter JNTR token information under custom token

Contract Address: 0x014a5bcd4ba9b327738d550762fd592014b77180

8. Add token

Other Notes for Jointer Auction Participation

  1. Must be whitelisted: Jointer has partnered with NetKi to provided quick and easy KYC / AML in order to remain compliant under Reg D 506(c)
  2. Must use BNB…. for now



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