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JNTR/b is Live on BSCswap

Flexible staking is built into JNTR/b at 10% APY

Jointer is proud to announce the JNTR/b is now live on BSCswap. The updated JNTR/b carries expanded possibilities and utility to investors.

What is JNTR/b?

JNTR/b is a wholly decentralized bridge token created to provide liquidity and increased access to the Jointer syndication ecosystem. Due to JNTR/b being decentralized, it has the ability to list on decentralized exchanges and participate in decentralized finance pools and swaps like BSCswap, PancakeSwap,and BakerySwap.

Rewards by block

In order to provide incentive to hold JNTR/b, Jointer implemented a DeFi staking contract directly into the token providing flexible staking rewards without having to farm, just by holding the JNTR/b. Now for holding JNTR/b, investors will receive more JNTR/b minted and sent to their wallets on every Binance Smart Chain block which is around 3–5 seconds.

JNTR/b holders will be able to hold their JNTR/b in any decentralized wallet or through approved Centralized Exchange Partner wallets to earn more JNTR/b every few seconds. The starting APY is 10% and will be a votable percentage in the Jointer DAO.

BOGO Airdrop Built in

Jointer will distribute JNTR/b to engaged communities to help grow awareness and mass adoption.

Because JNTR/b is able to be instantly swapped through SmartSwap with JNTR, the face value is thus correlated with JNTR.

The airdrop is activated by users receiving a set number of tokens. In order to unlock these tokens, the wallet must purchase an equal amount.


125 JNTR/b airdropped

To unlock the JNTR/b, the wallet must purchase another 125 JNTR/b

Ongoing Minting and Burning

JNTR/b burns each time it swaps for JNTR or other JNTR bridges like JNTR/e

JNTR/b is minted when JNTR or other JNTR bridges like JNTR/e swaps to JNTR/b

What makes JNTR/e and JNTR/b different from other pool pairings?

The creation of JNTR/e and JNTR/b combined with JNTR is a new world decentralized finance.

  • 10% APY built in
  • Limited Initial Supply
  • All team and early investors are restricted from accessing the pools
  • Arbitrage Opportunity
  • Cross Blockchain Shared Pooling
  • Burn relay tokens

10% APY

JNTR/b holders receive rewards every block just by holding JNTR/b in their wallet — no deposit necessary

Limited Initial Supply

Jointer will start by JNTR/e and JNTR/b being minted in a limited quantity and airdropped to communities to grow mass adoption. The airdrop will not go to any member of the Jointer team or any early investors.

Ongoing, JNTR/e can only be minted when JNTR or JNTR/b is swapped with JNTR/e through SmartSwap. The JNTR is locked by the SmartSwap and the JNTR/e mints directly to the investor.

Once JNTR/e is swapped back for JNTR or JNTR/b through SmartSwap, it is burned.

All team and early investors are restricted from accessing the pools

Team members and early investors did not receive any of the JNTR/e minted tokens.

And while initial investors will have JNTR, 50% of all pre-minted JNTR is minted for 10 years. Further, the JNTR is released to investors and will remain behind the JNTR gateway forever. This means investors will be unable to access pools or sell tokens for below the face value.

Pre-Minted JNTR Gateway

In an effort to meet the needs of early investors as well as long term JNTR holders, Jointer will restrict 100% of all pre-minted JNTR. The pre-minted JNTR are restricted from direct engagement with secondary markets or liquidity pools. Sell orders are placed through a gateway smart contract that utilizes an API to engage with secondary markets. Using algorithms, the gateway only places orders that correspond with market demand and the face value of JNTR in the Liquidity Reserve. During the first 90 days of the Auction, the gateway is restricted from placing any sell orders to encourage strong market demand.

Arbitrage Opportunity

SmartSwap will always respect JNTR’s face value across JNTR/b and JNTR/e. The JNTR value derives from Jointer’s multi-layer reserve. This means that regardless of the volatility and prices of JNTR/e and JNTR/b, SmartSwap will respect the financially engineered and protected JNTR price.

Because SmartSwap respects the JNTR price from Jointer’s Reserve, this means investors may have an arbitrage opportunity between JNTR/b, JNTR/e, and JNTR.

Further, arbitrage opportunities could arise from the daily discount of 50%+ offered on JNTR through the Auction compared to the price JNTR/b is trading for in liquidity pools. Investors could purchase JNTR at a 50% discount and then swap for JNTR/e at the JNTR face value to sell on liquidity pools, creating another arbitrage opportunity.


JNTR/e’s price is $0.10 on UniSwap, User A has 100 JNTR/e

JNTR is $0.30 in Jointer’s Reserve

Users can swap 100 JNTR/e to 100 JNTR and redeem through Jointer’s Reserve for $0.30

Cross Pooling Across Different Blockchains

Currently, liquidity is isolated to specific blockchains, mainly ERC20 standard and specifically on UniSwap. In order to move between blockchains, investors are turning to wrapped tokens, making the process centralized and inefficient.

Seeing these issues and the opportunity to increase liquidity for the Binance Smart Chain as well as Tron and others, Jointer created cross-pool liquidity utilizing a suite of tokens that independently operate on their intended blockchain yet are interoperable together. This means at any time, you are able to swap at a 1:1 ratio cross chain utilizing JNTR/e on Ethereum and JNTR/b on Binance Smart Chain. Jointer’s SmartSwap will handle the conversion and where one token is minted, one token is burned on the opposite blockchain.


JNTR/e’s price is $0.10 on UniSwap, User A has 100 JNTR/e

JNTR/b’s price is $0.30 on PancakeSwap

Users visit SmartSwap and trade 1:1 100 JNTR/e to 100 JNTR/b and trade through PancakeSwap for $0.30 creating a cross pooling relationship that allows the market, no matter the blockchain to provide liquidity.

100 JNTR/e are burned and 100 JNTR/b are minted.

Jointer introduces cross pool liquidity from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum

Burn relay tokens

Rather than profit from relay tokens, Jointer will burn all relay tokens in the decentralized pools. This protects users from the company becoming a whale after trading.

About BSCswap

Launched on 9 September 2020, BSCswap is a decentralized exchange and an Automated Market Making protocol for Binance Smart Chain. It supports multiple BEP20 tokens over BSC ecosystem to create liquidity and fetch price oracles via on-chain smart contracts. Also, users can yield-farm BSCswap LP tokens from the supported projects from BSC ecosystem.




Jointer created a fund of funds DeFi REIT economy while providing uncorrelated returns, diversification, and unlimited liquidity. The syndication economy is powered by a patent-pending multilayer system that stops market volatility or any manipulation

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