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Jointer’s JNTR/b Rockets 160X on PancakeSwap

World’s First Commercial Real Estate DeFi token also was in the top 5 for daily transactions on Binance Smart Chain

The JNTR/b launch saw unique token holders increase to over 4,427 in less than 24 hours of trading on PancakeSwap. The pool price for JNTR/b started at $0.001 USDT and saw highs above $0.16 making for 160,000% gains.

Jointer created a fund of funds syndication economy utilizing the blockchain while providing uncorrelated returns, diversification, and unlimited liquidity. The syndication economy is powered by a world’s first patent-pending multi tier reserve system that helps to increase the company’s valuation daily while preventing a value decrease, regardless of market volatility or any manipulation. This syndication economy system can be applied to a multitude of industries, including insurance, venture capital, and many more. Jointer’s first use case will be commercial real estate.

In addition to Draper Venture Network inclusion, Jointer’s prestigious advisory group includes Nobel Prize Winners, the previous Chairman of the SEC, the previous Vice Chairman of the NASDAQ, founder of Visa, the previous Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of State, Founder of CIS, the CFO of Yahoo, the co-creator of Bitcoin’s prototype and other luminaries.

What is JNTR/b?

JNTR/b is a wholly decentralized bridge token created to provide liquidity and increased access to the Jointer syndication ecosystem. Due to JNTR/b being decentralized, it has the ability to list on decentralized exchanges and participate in decentralized finance pools and swaps like BurgerSwap, PancakeSwap,and BakerySwap.

JNTR/b does not require holders to be whitelisted like JNTR.

JNTR/b 0x78e1936f065fd4082387622878c7d11c9f05ecf4

What is JNTR?

JNTR is a financially engineered decentralized protocol layer on top of the Binance Smart Chain developed as the exclusive payment method to facilitate trades of Jointer’s stocks (JNTR/STOCK) and bonds (JNTR/ETN) as well as provide liquidity for the JNTR/b and JNTR/e bridges.

JNTR’s face value changes based on the liquidity reserve’s calculation every time investors directly purchase JNTR through the daily Auction or through SmartSwap. The face value carries an exponential return potential along with a low risk profile, providing an uncorrelated hedge against volatility in the real estate and crypto markets.

While investors can swap JNTR/b for JNTR at any time, they must be whitelisted to hold JNTR. To gain access to the whitelist, investors must pass KYC / AML and potentially accreditation.

What makes JNTR/b different from other pool pairings?

The creation of JNTR/b combined with JNTR is a game changer for decentralized finance. This solution was noted by Techkrest as solving pool risks.

  • Limited Initial Supply
  • All team and early investors are restricted from accessing the pools
  • Arbitrage Opportunity
  • Burn relay tokens

Limited Initial Supply

JNTR/b started with a 1,000,000 token supply and is being airdropped to the Binance Smart Chain community. The airdrop will not go to any member of the Jointer team or any early investors.

Ongoing, JNTR/b can only be minted when JNTR is swapped with JNTR/b through SmartSwap. The JNTR is locked by the SmartSwap and the JNTR/b mints directly to the investor.

Once JNTR/b is swapped back for JNTR or JNTR bridge tokens through SmartSwap, it is burned.

All team and early investors are restricted from accessing the pools

Team members and early investors have not received any of the JNTR/b minted tokens. Further, they are restricted through a smart contract to ever use their pre-minted JNTR for JNTR/b.

And while initial investors will have JNTR, 50% of all pre-minted JNTR is LOCKED for 10 years. Further, the JNTR that is released to investors will remain behind the JNTR gateway forever. This means investors are unable to access pools or sell tokens for below the face value.

Pre-Minted JNTR Gateway

In an effort to meet the needs of early investors as well as long term JNTR holders, Jointer will restrict 100% of all pre-minted JNTR . The pre-minted JNTR are restricted from direct engagement with secondary markets or liquidity pools. Sell orders are placed through a gateway smart contract that utilizes an API to engage with secondary markets. Using algorithms, the gateway only places orders that correspond with market demand and the face value of JNTR in the Liquidity Reserve. During the first 90 days of the Auction, the gateway is restricted from placing any sell orders to encourage strong market demand.

Arbitrage Opportunity

SmartSwap will always respect JNTR’s face value which derives from Jointer’s multi-layer reserve. This means that regardless of the volatility and prices of JNTR/b and other bridge tokens, SmartSwap will respect the financially engineered and protected JNTR price.

Because SmartSwap respects the JNTR price from Jointer’s Reserve, this means investors may have an arbitrage opportunity between JNTR/b and JNTR.

Further, arbitrage opportunities could arise from the daily discount of 50%+ offered on JNTR through the Auction compared to the price JNTR/b is trading for in liquidity pools. Investors could purchase JNTR at a 50% discount and then swap for JNTR/b at the JNTR face value to sell on liquidity pools, creating another arbitrage opportunity.

Burn relay tokens

Rather than profit from relay tokens, Jointer will burn all relay tokens in the decentralized pools. This protects users from the company becoming a whale after trading.

Proof of burn here:

How can I purchase JNTR/b?

Investors can receive JNTR/b either through Swap Pools like PancakeSwap, SmartSwap, or by using JNTR.

1- Contract Address for Pancake Swap: 0x78e1936f065fd4082387622878c7d11c9f05ecf4

2- SmartSwap

3- Use JNTR

How can I purchase JNTR?

Investors have the ability to purchase JNTR assets in three ways:

  1. through the daily Jointer DeFi Auction at a potential 50% discount;
  2. through a Secondary Market Exchange; or
  3. through SmartSwap with zero fees or spread



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