Mar 12, 2018 · 2 min read

We would like to make an announcement about regarding Joint token private sale and company updates.

Our team is made of 10 people (and growing), working at the same place trying to reach a common goal.

Participate our Private Sale

Starting from the day one, we are completely focused on developing our first product, Joint Comments. We will be announcing our first publishers during ICO period, that will enable our product to reach millions of people.

Regarding listing our token on exchanges, we are about to shake hands with two reliable international exchanges, ranking in the top 25 and top 100 respectively according to the market volume. We will also list our token in Turkey as well with a very well known exchange.

Working with the right team is essential for ICO marketing to reach the top-line audience. We are very well aware of that fact and therefore we will go for a paid marketing process for our ICO period, token sale.

Private Sale and %25 Bonus

Our team is working hard to stay focused on the project and that leverages us upon agreements with exchanges to comply with their standards.

These agreements are necessary for Joint Ventures to succeed but of course they require funding. We are aiming for reaching 500 Ethereum on our private sale to list our token on these exchanges.

As we mentioned on our website the price of Joint token was arranged as 1 ETH = 8.000 Joint. For the private sale period it will be set as 1 ETH = 10.000 Joint, corresponds to a %25 bonus.

ICO sale period is in between 7 April — 7 May & Pre-sale period will end on 6th of April.

Join our private sale to take advantage of your early contribution!


Here are some other useful links related with our project;

ICO Website > https://jointventures.io

Our First Product > https://jointcomments.com

Whitepaper > https://jointventures.io/wp.pdf

Executive Summary > https://storage.googleapis.com/jointfiles/Joint_Executive_Summary.pdf

BitcoinTalk ANN > https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2940988.msg31847548#msg31847548

Twitter > https://twitter.com/jointventuresio

Telegram Channel > https://t.me/jointventures

Joint Ventures

Blockchain economy for online publishers


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Founder Joint Ventures — https://jointventures.io #blockchain #contenteconomy

Joint Ventures

Blockchain economy for online publishers

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