WELL platform is ready to join forces with Rehab Guru

WELL company has announced that they will partner with Rehab Guru. The two companies, both involved in the healthtech industry, will team up to help further their goals of bringing healthcare and telemedicine services to people all around the world.

The Mission of Rehab Guru is to enhance health and well-being by improving the delivery and knowledge of exercise prescription to health and exercise professionals with their evolving and multifaceted approach. Rehab Guru is a comprehensive multi-platform tool aiding therapists, coaches, and athletes, as well as health and medical professionals in prescribing exercises for their clients.

WELL has also built a global platform, a decentralized healthcare network built on Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, which allows people from all around the world to have access to top medical professionals.

Both companies have built a global team of specialists in their respective fields and this has brought them together.

WELL and Rehab Guru will partner as industry experts in their field to help each other expand telemedicine services and make it easy for people to get qualified access to medical services via smartphones from any place at any time.

“I believe there is synergy between our companies. Where I believe there is real potential is in delivery of physical rehabilitation via tele-health (i.e. via WELL). A secure consultation followed by seamless exercise prescription and coaching. Two-way messaging, progression/regression of exercise plans, patient adherence, feedback and objective measures would all be envisioned features,” said Simon Taylor, director of Rehab Guru.
“It is really exciting to work with Rehab Guru. Their database of over 4000 exercises has corresponding HD videos (which are currently being narrated and uploaded), and would be a fantastic resource for our physical therapists looking to prescribe exercise as a therapy,” said Ildar Fazulyanov, founder and CEO of WELL.

About WELL:

WELL is creating a global blockchain platform for high-quality healthcare. This platform will eliminate country borders and connect healthcare specialists and patients worldwide. The WELL token will enable an on-demand system that solves the current problems of cross-border payments, data accessibility, and payment risk, allowing areas with the highest quality of healthcare to serve the entire world. You can visit the WELL website to learn more.

About Rehab Guru:

Rehab Guru is a comprehensive, multi-platform tool aiding therapists, coaches, and athletes, as well as health and medical professionals to prescribe exercises for their clients. Its easy to use platform can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones, making the user’s workflow seamless and allowing him to access, create and edit his programs anytime and anywhere. Utilizing its revolutionary platform allows a person to hand pick exercises from an ever growing library of over 4,000 exercises.

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