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JOKER.ONE Brief(Video)

Here you’ll learn the very JOKER.ONE project.

ased on blockchain technology, with decentralized anonymity as the design principle, JOKER.ONE aims to build a “DApp Oasis”on EOSIO’s distributed node to serve all users of JOKER.ONE ecosystem. Taking EOS network the as carrier, JOKER.ONE is the most blockchain-featured project with absolute decentralization as the core concept: a fair and transparent method of block generation, zero initial holding of the funding team, no preminning, and the whole community members stand on the same starting line to build JOKER.ONE. With community’s prosperity determining the mechanism of block generation, JOKER.ONE will be the star of tomorrow.

OKER token organically connects the ecosystem of EOS-based DApps, which allows direct integration and lossless circulation of individual value. In JOKER.ONE ecosystem help worldwide blockchain developers and financial players to convert their value outputs into profits, which is conveyed by JOKER. As the value carrier, JOKER token not only circulates in JOKER.ONE ecosystem, but leverages a greater value for DApps and connects the mature system of EOS-based wallets, hence to open up a uniquely decentralized platform for financing and gaming, extending EOSIO ecosystem in an easy and efficient way.

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